September 2, 2010

Why is there so much support for legalizing marijuana?

? asked: I can bet all non-smokers are against it and stoners just want to get high legally. So then why isn’t this issue treated like […]
September 4, 2010

Why is marijuana illegal?

Restin Pieces asked: I am 19 and have never drunk alcohol or taken any drugs, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why […]
September 4, 2010

Anyone know how to start off an anti-drug speech, marijuana in general?

Georgiatard asked: im doing a speech for english and dont know how to start it off, maybe a witty sayin or joke, anything will help
September 5, 2010

Can quitting smoking marijuana cause depression ?

primamaria04 asked: I can’t laugh ,I can’t pay attention to things. I have trouble tracking conversation or deciding when to laugh at a joke. I feel […]
September 5, 2010

What are your thoughts on medical marijuana?

KC Christopher asked: Do you believe it is a Legitimate medicine? In that, it serves to relieve illnesses or maladies? Do you believe it should be […]
September 6, 2010

What happens when you give your dog marijuana?

Famous S&S asked: Oh and i heard this mexican joke today…what do you call two mexicans playing basketball??? 10 points for who ever gets it right […]
September 7, 2010

do you think that californians will vote yes, and pass the marijuana bill?

264180 asked: I hope so, it is time to end this joke
September 7, 2010

too much marijuana, really sore throat?

nonamegiven asked: ok so last week i smoked a good bit of pot, up to 3 times a day. lately i havent been doing it as […]
September 7, 2010

funny prank phone call clean crank wind up pre Fonejacker by a mile Ya Can’t Blag Me [Or can I?]

ClemProductions asked: An advert for a car leads to 2 conversations involving a stolen car, some dodgy plates, some drugs and confusion. All showing how easy […]