September 2, 2010

would you let marijuana come between your marriage?

Cortney N asked: ok, please no pot jokes because this is very serious to me. I have been married for 9 yrs. and have 4 children […]
September 15, 2010

I am growing MARIJUANA and my seedlings are showing signs of deficiencies the leaves are curling?

juicycoop asked: towards the stems and the tips of the leaves are dried and cracking… The plants are only 2 weeks old Suggestions?
August 3, 2011

Japanese Weed Farmer Tending His ACRES of Marijuana & Cannabis

Thumbs up if you want it! If you are interested in tricks and tips for growing your own sticky sweet ganja click here !
January 10, 2012

World Government Elections 2012 Ron Paul Disinformation

In politics, there always has to be a good guy, otherwise there would be a revolt overnight. Good guys are put there as an aphrodisiac for […]
January 10, 2012

urban marijuana growing

April 4, 2012

How To Sex Marijuana – Tell The Difference Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants HD CC

How to tell the difference between a male and female marijuana plant is quite easy. Usually between 5 days and 2 weeks into flowering you will […]