September 4, 2010

cop pushes medical cannabis protester

shinobumeahara asked: cop pushes a women protesting for the rights of medical cannabis as she is picking up her sign
September 5, 2010

Cop Eats Pot Brownies Calls 911 (Full)

circuitbreaker5 asked: Cop Eats Pot Brownies Calls 911
September 8, 2010

Do cops actually think they’re helping anyone when they arrest someone for marijuana?

icezizim asked: i was recently arrested for possession of marijuana. several of the police made numerous stoner jokes and laughed about it. i felt like a […]
September 20, 2010

Lawyers, if a cop is prescribed a card for medicinal marijuana in California how exactly would that work?

Joe B asked: Could he do it on duty just as he could take a prescription pill on duty? Could (s)he just be smoking joints in […]
September 22, 2010

Operation Green Reaper Marijuana Bust – KOMO [April 2008]

alapoet asked: KOMO news reports (in typical nauseatingly cop-butt-kissing fashion) on the Operation Green Reaper marijuana bust, King County (Seattle area), Wash., April 23, […]
September 22, 2010

can you smoke medicinal marijuana is public without getting in trouble?

Michelle asked: For instance could you sit on a park bench with a joint and when approached by a cop show them proof that is is […]
May 24, 2011

Smoking herb marijuana comedy show Ep16Pt1of4

A smoking herb marijuana comedy show. This part has some funny cop pictures, then a pot growing tutorial with some hints, then we show a funny […]
May 25, 2011

Dope show comedy variety series Ep4Pt4of4

Dope show comedy variety series. This part has marijuana facts about drug policies, plus a celebrity OD with Janis Joplin’s death. Then some funny cop pictures. […]
February 19, 2012

ROBIN THICKE Popped for Pot Possession

Robin Thicke has been arrested for marijuana possession in New York City … this according to law enforcement. According to law enforcement, 34-year-old Thicke was busted […]