September 7, 2010

“Jazz From Hell” Trailer

rudyfreechas1 asked: The preview of “Jazz From Hell,” the 2010 Radio Free Charleston Halloween Special, starring Melanie Larch, Chelsea Cook, Kevin Pauley, Lee Harrah, Craig Auge, […]
August 10, 2011

Conrad’s Grow Room

Conrad (Romany Malco) from Weeds shows the unacquainted what it takes to put together a marijuana grow room. Craig X Rubin also has commentary.
August 10, 2011

Medicinal Marijuana in Australia

Lance is a 58 year old man from Melbourne undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Lance chooses to smoke & ingest marijuana to help alleviate the nasty […]
September 27, 2011

The Office – Jim accuses Dwight of smoking pot

From Season 2, Episode 20 – Dwight is interrogating all the members of the office about drug use when Jim decides to turn the tables on […]
October 31, 2011

Feds Crack Down on Pot Shops [FOX 10-28-2011]

The legality of cannabis has been the subject of debate and controversy for decades. Cannabis is illegal to consume, use, possess, cultivate, transfer or trade in […]