May 20, 2011


This is the first video of the year showing a typical medical marijuana grow in beautiful and sunny Northern California. Enjoy.
August 19, 2011

The Drug Trade

Warning! This video contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised. This is a picture slideshow that I created that I hope will give you insight into […]
September 23, 2011

Oregon outdoor 2011 Medical Marijuana day 35ish

Oregon outdoor 2011 Medical Marijuana garden roughtly day 35 grown in 5 gal containers with sunshine #4 using advanced nutrients MGB overdrive bigbug budcandy carboload nirvana […]
September 28, 2011

Mother / Clone room update

All mothers are in 1 gallon Smart Pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog blend under a 4′ 8 bulb t5 fixture with mixed […]
November 22, 2011

marijuana growing prt.1

im back here to stay check my plants out to forget to sub and thanks for watching peace
December 25, 2011

~Kush Tower~

This is probably my best video yet, displaying many many strains of kush, and other medicinal strains. Medicinal marijuana. Enjoy. New Mood Tracks. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!
June 25, 2012

How to grow OUTDOOR Cali Mist UK Cheese Cotton Candy KUSH!!

PROP 215 Medical Marijuana OUTDOOR GROW!!! Educational use only NOT FOR SALE just Paco’s girls getting happy!!!
July 20, 2012

OUTDOOR Marijuana first days of Flowering

Prop 215 supported. These are pacos girls in first days of flowering so in 10 weeks they should all have big happy buds!!
August 4, 2012

Cotton Candy Kush Day 42 2000 watts – Medical Marihuana Grow Vid 09

The Ladies are doing Great. 2 – 3 weeks till Harvest. Toke a fatty and Smile!!! Im here to pay back a little to the Grow […]