May 17, 2011

Marijuana pictures (HD) 720p Part 2

Hope u like it, enjoy comment n like 😉 Song: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Grove
May 20, 2011

“My Immortal”

Boredom, Time, And Weed = Perfection..
May 21, 2011

Marijuana pictures (HD) 720p

My first video 😀 1200 Micrograms – Marijuana (Talamasca Rmx)
May 22, 2011

me smoking weed, and saying goofy shit

me smoking a joint with ogkush, hash oil, hash, and finally sweetooth, fuck yeah. also im saying some pretty funny shit, you might need to turn […]
January 9, 2012

Birthday High

Prop 215 Birthday
February 5, 2012

Kid gets pissed on in sleep

Exactly what the title says
February 14, 2012

Cannabis Conversations 1 (Part 2)

Getting really high with a few mates and chatting absolute shite!
August 27, 2012


….Later on I stood up and made it rain on this one dancer… so intense and baller status… she didn’t even know what to do… there […]