Marijuana Medical

September 1, 2010

Who has been awarded or received recognition for the study of medicinal marijuana research?

September 3, 2010

please help me 10 points to best answer marijuana?

Nathen P asked: i have medical marijuana what is the best outdoor seeds that’s strong and everyone likes because my friends hold a medical card to […]
September 7, 2010

Question about marijuana growing for horticulture school essay?

Lucas asked: Has anyone grown marijuana (for medical purposes obv) in there house nd where was the best place to grow it etc. Please involve details […]
September 9, 2010

could i get fired if i start using medicinal marijuana or get a medical card?

heartkiller asked: i have a sharp pain on my lower back i believe is called sciatica and one of the treatments is narcotics such as marijuana.. […]
September 10, 2010

Interested in growing and selling medical marijuana legally?

asked: My husband and I were thinking about growing and selling medical marijuana legally to medical marijuana clicins in Sacramento, CA but want to know if […]
September 10, 2010

What LEGAL paperwork do i need to grow medical marijuana?

mercedes b asked: Hello, i’m moving to san juaquin county, ca, and i was planning to start growing marijuana for medical use, the problem is not […]
September 11, 2010

Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Growing?

Wisest_One asked: By law in my state I am allowed to grow 12 plants of marijuana for medical reasons. I have heard that growing hydroponically is […]
September 14, 2010

Growing medical marijuana with a medical card?

nutellaman asked: My friend wants to grow marijuana in my house and he has a medical marijuana card. we live in California btw. Is it possible […]
September 16, 2010

Is there a site you can read about growing marijuana, buying it , medical purposes for it? Everything on it?

asked: I found a couple of sites that have their own offers growers advice sells it, etc…I’m a scientist looking for new uses and […]