What happens when you give your dog marijuana?

Does anyone have a medicinal marijuana prescription in New Mexico?
September 6, 2010
how cold can it get before marijuana plants die off?
September 6, 2010
marijuana jokes
Famous S&S asked:

Oh and i heard this mexican joke today…what do you call
two mexicans playing basketball??? 10 points for who ever gets it right first or second…oh and answer my 1st question
Im Mexican too..don’t get pissed its just a joke…Im not going to give my dog mj…i just wanna know what happens…And yes it is Juan on juan


  1. K.Marie says:

    you look like an idiot and you waste weed.

    I have no idea

  2. Latrice says:


  3. Steph says:

    It becomes one high puppy? And I dont like racist jokes to your second question!

  4. LeAnn S says:

    What do you call someone who asks stupid jokes? Answer: Someone who is inconsiderate. Jokes that refer to any race are not funny.
    And hopefully you don’t give your dog marijuana. Why do you even own an animal?

  5. Ikaika says:

    Mellow Yellow…….

    juan on juan

  6. Best Answer Beggar (please?) says:

    well you get a ‘high Dog’
    get it??

    and i think the joke is cute…but no idea!!


    can’t wait for u to put up the answer..