February 4, 2011

making whiskey and growing pot

Jim Tom explains about the shift from making moonshine to growing marijuana in the mountains of North Carolina. Read a review of Still Making Moonshine at…
May 18, 2011

Flowering Medical Marijuana – Week 7 (Organic & Natural in Soil)

SAGE, White Rhino, Armageddon, Grape Ape, NYC Diesel, Outdoor Elephant, Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough
May 18, 2011

Funny stoner variety show Ep2Pt2of4

A funny stoner variety show where this part includes a story about a big piece of hash that went on a ride, some medical marijuana information […]
June 5, 2011

Spliff Seeds Jack F1 E12. COMPILATION

COMPILATION off all seasons from Jack Horror by Spliff Seeds “Jack F1 e12” “Jack herrer” “growing marijuana” “how to jack herrer” “wiet zaden”
September 1, 2011

medical marijuana outdoor grow ep.3

STRAINS- ch9 .herijuana jack 33- herijuana x jack33 (WEEK 5 IN FLOWERING) ch9 uzbekistan- uzbekistan x herijuana x herijuana jack 33 (WEEK 3 IN FLOWERING) ch9 […]
September 16, 2011

medical marijuana outdoor grow ep.5

strains- ch9 herijuana jack 33- herijuana x jack 33 (week 7 in flower) ch9 uzbekistan- uzbekistan x herijuana x herijuana jack 33 (week 5 in flower) […]
October 31, 2011

Feds Crack Down on Pot Shops [FOX 10-28-2011]

The legality of cannabis has been the subject of debate and controversy for decades. Cannabis is illegal to consume, use, possess, cultivate, transfer or trade in […]
November 11, 2011

Outdoor Marijuana Grow 2011 Season

A slideshow following an outdoor marijuana grow from start to finish during the 2011 summer season. 8 different plants are pictured. The strains are Skunk Berry, […]
December 10, 2011

D’escalatin’ Prank

Got Busted By Mall Security While D’escalatin’