May 20, 2011

Growing Marijuana in my Yard (Cover of Ben Scales Parody) with Lyrics

My cover of a great parody “I’m Growing Marijuana in my Yard” by Ben Scales to the tune “She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain” Recorded live […]
June 26, 2011

Re: Medical marijuana – should it be legal or against the law?

This is a response to another video made by Scutter4Christ; who I am subscribed to on my channel. Basically I redirect this question into more specifically […]
November 11, 2011

Resolved, marijuana be legalized in the United States for medicinal and recreational purposes

May 19, 2012

Matt’s daily opinion: Marijuana

I am firmly against the usage of marijuana through means such as cigar smoking, cigarettes, tobacco type pipes, or otherwise in any manner in which it […]
May 27, 2012


Indoor medical marijuana Grown using 1000W High Pressure Sodium Lamp and 1000W Dual Arc Lamps Follow us for more info on how to set up a […]