September 4, 2011

Potato Vampires Behind the scenes – Intro Grow Room

Intro to the time lapse of Me Clearing the grow room, Tihs is followed by parts 2-4 Check out the playlist.
December 29, 2011

5000watt Indoor Hydro Marijuana grow (Medical)

Custom system is a chilled, recirculating DWC (Deep Water Culture) with a constant trickle stream feed re-watering system (chilled).
March 18, 2012

More Theatre of Life: Chewbacca, The Extra-Terrestrial

Captain Douchebag, I’m here to douche you! Follow Beck on Twitter: Follow Nick on Twitter: Subscribe to BeckBennett, Nick, and GoodNeighborStuff: ‪ ‪ ‪ […]
June 27, 2012

AK47 Irish Marijuana Cannabis SCROG Grow Room Indoor 17 weeks 17 oz!! BIG BUDS!

Closet marijuana 4 ft x 3 ft grow room in soil using SCROG method. Start – Finish… We have 4 plants under 400 watts HPS light, […]