February 3, 2011

Outdoor Weed Plant Grow (Need Tips)

This is my first grow. They are from just some bag seed plants but I have been very surprised on how much they’ve grown. I planted […]
May 22, 2011

My Marijuana setup

Video showing the remainder of plants inside and me saying what we did to grow them. Next video ill show the ones outside.
July 12, 2011

Never Get Busted Obeying Your Local Laws

Medical marijuana growing indoors how not to get caught . Sorry for the shity visuals , also just because your Nabors are not outside dose not […]
November 2, 2011

Munchie Minute Ep28 Candy Burgers

Candy treats that resemble burgers! Cure the munchies with this candy burger recipe. Also inculdes a song “Legalize Marijuana” Try and smoke a bowl The […]
February 1, 2012

Tallow Farm #1 – The Bong-Ship

Visit for more games, cartoons, videos, and everything related to Happy Wacky Tallow Farm. – Happy Wacky Tallow Farm – What would you do if you […]
February 22, 2012

Vegetative Growth – Growing Weed – Vegetative Growth Of Marijuana Plants – 4

For more information, visit: Learn how to care for your Marijuana plant when its on vegetative growth. Know about the appropriate lighting during this critical stage. […]
February 22, 2012

Choosing Your Strain – Beginner Marijuana Growing – Strains – Indica VS Sativa – 1

For more information, visit: Learn how to choose the best Marijuana strain that is appropriate for your climate. Know about the 2 different types of marijuana […]
February 23, 2012

Harvesting – Harvesting Marijuana – When To Harvest Weed Marijuana Growing – 6

For more information, visit: Learn the proper time to harvest your Marijuana plant. Know the signs to look for when the plant is ready to be […]
February 23, 2012

Flowering – Flowering Marijuana – When To Flower Your Weed Growing Buds – 5

For more information, visit: Learn how to care for your Marijuana plant during the flowering period. Watch for tips on lighting and fertilizer during the flowering […]