Can quitting smoking marijuana cause depression ?

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September 5, 2010
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September 5, 2010
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primamaria04 asked:

I can’t laugh ,I can’t pay attention to things. I have trouble tracking conversation or deciding when to laugh at a joke. I feel like the world holds no magic.


  1. Common Sense says:

    For a few days, maybe even a week or two..
    Thats about it…

  2. TrainerMan says:

    If you need reefer to see the magic in the world, then that is sad, and you may indeed have depression. You may want to talk to your doctor about medication and/or a referral for a counselor/therapist.

  3. retardedmonkeey says:

    Speaking from experience, quiting grass does not cause depression. However, grass is a fantastically effective treatment for depression. So chances are you were already depressed, and the grass was helping you cope.

  4. dave o says:

    Smoking marijuana wil cause depresion skitso and other forms of mental health problems

  5. wunderkind says:

    Yes, it can cause depression. Smoking the weed can also cause not only a loss of memory, but a complete deterioration of the mind. I saw this happen to a friend many years ago. He went bye-bye fast!

  6. stilettopanda says:

    For are probably going through withdrawl.

  7. lalily says:

    You may have something here. The reality is that you may have been self-medicating with pot. You may have an underlying problem like depression, bi-polar or other medical problem. Check with a doctor. Tell the doctor the truth. Try a N/A meeting in your area. Share your story with others. Take care!

  8. WoWitsTeLeA says:

    Quitting anything can make you depressed.

  9. lilquiltsprogram says:

    listen honey, the reason for your problems is the marijuana!you need to give your body and mind time to flush the weed out of your system!find a new friend that doesn`t smoke at all!smoking kills and i don`t want you to die!do the best thingfor you and others just quit!take care ,remember there is people who care !

  10. ghill4 says:

    you will find that when you stop using any mind altering drug that it will have an effect on you.. Please give it some time.. it will pass… Soon you will have your mind back.. and it will be better then being drugged out and sitting out life… Most people I know that smoked marijuana and did not quit are still dressing and acting like they did 20 years ago when they started.. I am serious.. your brain just does not function…stay clean and off marijuana and it will be better in the future.. just hang in there.. and good luck 🙂

  11. David W says:

    Certainly it can. When smoking weed we are able to see the lighter side of life, and don’t get too hung up in everybody else’s miserable state. When the euphoria disappears, adjusting to reality is depressing.