September 2, 2010

18yr old boy smoking marijuana?

Brown eyes asked: My cousin’s son had just turn 18. He never tried marijuana until now. He is in the 12th grade and will be graduating […]
September 5, 2010

GARY 7:drug bust arrest marijuana police drug bust marijuana

GaryMarijuanaPotDoll asked: —-GET HIGH? then click SUBSCRIBE—-for Gary 7 video: gary’s police girl moves in and drug busts gary buying marijuana police style. Arrest a sure […]
September 7, 2010

too much marijuana, really sore throat?

nonamegiven asked: ok so last week i smoked a good bit of pot, up to 3 times a day. lately i havent been doing it as […]
September 7, 2010

Why are people against smoking Marijuana?

asked: I myself have smoked before, however I have not touched weed in about 6 months give or take. When I smoked I would go from […]
September 7, 2010

Can I get a Medicinal Marijuana card?

asked: I’ve got scoliosis and the weed really helps, I’m 16 and I’ll be 17 in November. One of my mom’s friends said that even though […]
September 9, 2010

Is the push for medicinal marijuana and government health care just a coincidence?

froghugger asked: I think weed should be legalized but not just for medicinal reasons because that just causes more opportunity for crime. Besides it’s not as […]
September 11, 2010

Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 9

cannabiscultivate asked: ► alturl.com ◄ If you are looking for a place to buy high quality cannabis seeds at a fair price, check out this link! […]
September 14, 2010

Marijuana proponents: Is it ethically ok to abuse to medicinal marijuana for recreational use?

Cobb Perrin asked: I know many potheads. They’re all for legalization of recreational marijuana. Many of them have weed cards for non-existent ailments so they can […]
September 15, 2010

Contact high (marijuana) at outdoor concert?

asked: Is it possible to get a contact high from weed at an outdoor concert totally full of stoners? I’ve only been STONED before, not just […]