too much marijuana, really sore throat?

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September 7, 2010
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September 7, 2010
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nonamegiven asked:

ok so last week i smoked a good bit of pot, up to 3 times a day. lately i havent been doing it as often so i dont think my body was use to it. i started to get a sore throat tuesday and its been pretty bad since like thursday. im pretty sure this is because of the excessive smoking but i’m just checking. anybody else ever have this happen? my moms making me get checked for strep, is there anyway this could have led t strep? will meds for strep help my throat? and yes i have quit smoking till it heals, but im not gonna lie, the best remedy for a sore throat is marijuana. no joke. i’d just vaporize or eat it instead of smoking though. thanks!
for the uneducated people:
weed did not cause my sore throat, my excessive use if it did. there is nothing wrong with pot. it has never affected me in any negative way when used responsibly. i am 18 about to enter an honors college and i have a 4.14 gpa. please people do some serious research before you chastize me
for the uneducated people:
weed did not cause my sore throat, my excessive use if it did. there is nothing wrong with pot. it has never affected me in any negative way when used responsibly. i am 18 about to enter an honors college and i have a 4.14 gpa. please people do some serious research before you chastize me


  1. Justin D says:


  2. jungle j says:

    smoking that crap you deserve to suffer…

  3. Willy K says:

    dont use a bubbler. just use a plain pipe.

  4. Graham says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA get you life together look at towlie

  5. lalala48 says:

    the solutiiion is…

  6. Rayray says:

    yea it happens man
    just stop for at least 3 days or else it gets worse
    dont drink anything cold

  7. Aaron R says:

    maybe thats why its illegal go to rehab

  8. Siegfried says:

    Yes inhaling burning vegetation is not good…..

  9. Miss Emily1 says:

    Put it in some brownies & pray your mom doesn’t also have you get a drug test

  10. Uno N says:

    well then….smoke on….

  11. True1480 says:

    Yeah, it could irritate your throat. Not sure bout strept throat. Make a hot lemon tea with the stems. It’ll help

  12. CJ says:

    No joke, stop smoking marijuana!

  13. Heisenberg says:

    yes to all of it.

    the best remedy for a sore throat is not pot. if you seriously think this, then you are a junkie.

    Did you know that the THC in pot is a stronger carcinogen than cigarettes?

  14. Sunshine says:

    Stop smoking the crap and I am sure you’ll feel better.How old are you,anyway??(“My mom’s making me get checked for strep'”)

  15. DA METALZ says:

    someone sold you some bad weed, man.

  16. notyou311 says:

    You are killing yourself. Your throat is nothing compared to what you are doing to your brain. If you are addicted and it sounds like you are, you will end up in rehab after rehab.

  17. Dana says:

    please quit smoking pot ..its going to continue causing you problems, even if you think its helpng you, its really not. you would be perfectly healthy if you wernt smoking it

  18. medcenman says:

    And yet another life wasted to drugs.

  19. N C M says:

    drugs make your immune system week so your body can not fight off viruses etc. as well. Eat lots of oranges and apples daily to boost your immune system.

  20. Ivanna C says:

    ok so youre asking if weed is causing your sore throat, and then you say weed is the best remedy for a sore throat? think about what youre saying man

  21. i♥sf says:

    yes, mj can weaken your immune system somewhat, making you more susceptible to strep.

  22. cutey171 says:

    yes smoking pot and irritating your throat would make you more succeptible to getting and infection in your thoat then usual, but the best way to avoid getting a soar throat would be to NOT SMOKE POT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  23. Undecided says:

    Put it in brownies. Saute it in butter and put it in your cake mix. Smoking is bad for your lungs and you can’t pass a drug test if you whatever with weed.

  24. your best friend says:

    if your body isn’t used to inhaling smoke regularly, then yes, your sore throat is probably just agitation from smoking. however you could also be sick with something else. weed won’t cause any illnesses, especially not viral ones like strep. i suggest using a vaporizer if you really want to smoke, or making brownies.

  25. unoon says:

    its possible, but i dont see why it would start hurting after you stopped smoking. Smoke irritates the throat so it doesnt surprise me that it makes your throat hurt, i just cant see why it would hurt worse AFTER you smoke. Try a bong, or vaporize the correct way and the problems should stop.
    I smoke multiple times a day and only have a slight sore throat right after i smoke but that can be cured by some water.

    No it cant cause strep. Strep is a virus, its not caused by irritation. If you do have strep, it is unrelated to smoking weed unless you are sharing smoking devices with someone who may have strep. Still see the doctor, as you may have something completly unrelated to marijuana or smoke.

    I suggest buying a vaporizer if you dont already have one. They are great. Kinda pricy but worth the investment if you smoke the good stuff as it takes less weed to get you the same effect

    And to the Undecided dude, it doesnt matter how you get high from weed, it will still show up in a drug test even if you eat it.

  26. Ryan says:

    that’s kinda funny. I don’t think that smoking would affect you a week later, it might if you’re not used to it. I remember when i first started smoking cigarettes i had a really sore throat, but it didn’t last a week. if it’s getting worse i would say it’s from something else, if you’re used to smoking that much i’d say it’s from something else, but in the event that it’s getting better and/or you’re not used to smoking that much i’d say there’s a chance it could be pot. it could have lead to strep because by smoking you’re heating your throat and bacteria LOVE to be in dark damp places, that’s why strep throat is so common as well as smelly shoes. by heating your throat you’re also more vulnerable to strept throat. anyways, good luck, hope this helped.

    by the way… STREP THROAT IS NOT A VIRUS!!! It’s caused by streptococcus bacteria

    And evreybody just leave the kid alone. Sure he shouldn’t be smoking pot but that’s not our place to judge. I think the kid knows whether or not it’s right to smoke pot but we all make our own mistakes and we all fall down in different ways, so please stop being close minded and telling him to stop smoking pot, that’s like me telling you to stop believing in god, i have no right to infringe on your lifestyle whether or not it is or isn’t illegal to live that way. With all that aside pot shouldn’t be illegal anyways, the origins of the illegalization of pot are bullshit.

    I’ve never smoked pot but i know how it feels to ask a question and instead of everyone answering the question they just gawk and say you shouldn’t be doing that. GET OFF YOUR THROWN!!! We’ve all done stupid things in our lives but let’s put the pettiness aside and instead of quarreling over whether or not he/she should’ve smoked pot let’s try and help the kid out!!!

  27. angelinaguerin23 says:

    um first of all I am not answering your question, I am defending you. Don’t listen to all of those assholes that are telling you to go to rehab or to stop smoking. They don’t know you. Just cuz you smoke does not make you a bad person.

    I’m not a pothead and never have been. BUT my sister used to be one, my brother in law, all of there friends, even some of mine. Heck my father smoked pot when he was young also. its not that bad as people think. Pot is NOT the drug that kills and is not as bad as those other drugs. I find it hilarious watching those stupid pot head commercials, with people dying and stop. Why don’t they make crack commercials or something else?

    Sure its pathedic that people get addicted to pot and they have to smoke all day long……I don’t find it bad if you smoke once or twice. But some pot heads need to smoke or they think they won’t survive the day and smoke every 10minutes. thats pathedic lol.

    I find pot disgusting. Smels bad and everything. I was high one in my life and HATED it. Hated how I felt. So ya I dont get how you guys can love it and love feeling that your whole life. It freaked me out and I could not wait to be myself again.

    Rant over

  28. Sizz S says:

    Yeah, when this happens to me it’s usually because I’m already getting sick, and then adding the weed to the mix just aggravates it more… Plus it irritates my sinuses so that might be another factor. Stop blazing for a week, drink some tea with honey, and next time you blaze stay away from pipes and bongs, and stick with the rollies.

    Hope this helps.

  29. salar m says:

    It could lead to strep yes….. however it could also be damage caused by smoking it casue it is quite harsh, and even if you smoke a lot of cigarettes u feel that shit…..

    So go get checked for strep if it is then antibiotics if not use some Chloraseptic and ur good .