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3 oils in one bowl — Macro 1080p


February 4, 2012


shot with a Nikon coolpix P100 Tags: smoking ROOЯ ganja burn one down weed reefer pot bud green cronic sense gras hasch hash kopf hut topf bowl big toke glasspipe glasapfeife waterpipe wasserpfeife glass on kawumm downstem chillum boost hamburger flutsch kiff

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LED Grow


June 5, 2011


Legal medicinal marijuana grow. All LED grow, using two126w Penetrators from Video taken on day 4 of Flowering. Using Co2 from http which is working very nicely with the LED’s. I have 6 girl’s going, 2 AK-47, 2 Grape Ape, 1 Mango, and 1 Bubba Kush.

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