May 24, 2011

outdoor marijuana grow 2010 – part two

the second part in my growing , my plant is allmost ready for harvest , enjoy and feel free to comment and help me with tips […]
July 14, 2011

Marijuana Flowering – Buds 3 Weeks In

Shotty video of my buds coming of age. They are mostly hairs at this point but there is potential. I have faith. This is my first […]
July 15, 2011

Growing Marijuana Outdoor [part two]

growing, m
August 15, 2011

UG Growing Marijuana Outdoor [part two]

Growing in Oregon
October 12, 2011

Wake n Bake wit Stiletto Stoner: Olde Skool

Support the legalization of cannabis for recreation and medicinal use. We have the right to enjoy the virtues of whatever plant we so choose. Modern science […]
October 16, 2011

Man Arrested for Growing Two Marijuana Plants Video.mp4

December 8, 2011

Marijuana a Gateway Drug? My arse. *blowing reefer smoke in the face of ignorance*

A lady said pot lead her to using hardcore drugs like opiates because reefer wasn’t powerful enough. Shall we also blame herbal chamomile tea on people […]
January 30, 2012

Medical Marijuana grow day 4 week 1 (what grow420guide is about)

This is a completely legal grow, I do not condone growing without a medical marijuana card! (prop 215) In this video I show the two baby […]
February 2, 2012

Sour Diesel Review: and how to make a one hitter and get the most from your weed

This is a review on a hybrid sensimillia called Sour Diesel. It is part Indica and part Sativa. Nice balance of head and body high. Also, […]