Anyone know how to start off an anti-drug speech, marijuana in general?

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Georgiatard asked:

im doing a speech for english and dont know how to start it off, maybe a witty sayin or joke, anything will help


  1. jaz09mine says:

    you could start it with sort of a quiz. hold up a picture of a marijuana, and be like who knows what this is? Or you could hold up before and after pictures of people who have ruined their lives through drug usage. I don’t know, just suggestions 😉

  2. Tom says:

    Before you start talking, take the person to any Emergency room late on a Friday or Saturday night. Let them see first hand what happens if they use drugs this includes the legal ones. Then just answer there questions and keep an open mine while doing it.

    Hope this helps

  3. Smithy says:

    Tell them the truth to gain credibility something like “even though marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells and hasn’t physically harmed anyone I still think it should be illegal because im a p*ssy”

  4. says:

    Why would you want to give an ANTI-drug speech? :O Lol.

  5. Duke A. says:

    Did you know alcohol is 10x’s worse for your body than marijuana? It is proven that alcohol can no way help your body. It wouldn’t be wise to start off with hating on Marijuana.

  6. joeno13 says:

    well, if you’re going to do an anti-drug speech focusing on or just including marijuana then you should use the video that helped start the process of making it illegal in 1937, “reefer madness.” Anything besides mentioning the potential for lung cancer from the smoke (which can be avoided from using a vaporizer) is as much as a fallacy as statements in that movie. People are still uneducated and there are some myths that numerous people believe about big bad marijuana, lol. Sorry to burst your bubble : )