September 6, 2010

If someone gets caught for growing marijuana what is the panalty in australia?

azndragon asked: Will they go to jail or is it just a fine, assuming he/she has 30 trees? any comments appreciated.
May 23, 2011

Marijuana with Sonny Bono: US Government Propaganda Film (3/3) (1968)

1968 Watch the full film: Cannabis was used as a truth serum by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a US government intelligence agency formed […]
June 5, 2011

BUBBA KUSH Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow *JUNE 2011*

June 23, 2011

The forest

Outdoor grow 2011 weed trees smoke purple trees marijuana
July 31, 2011

mrshapplymarried’s autobiography “1981 age 8-9”

mrshapplymarried’s autobiography “1981 age 8-9” autobiography “1981 age 8-9” sexual abuse bruises neglect substandard medical attention unsupervised weed 420 dealer babysitter incestual brother trainset dollhouse glamour […]
August 3, 2011

Max Strength MMC commercial #2

Max Strength MMC commercial #2 Grand “Soft” Openeing 8/3/2011 phone: 720-746-9743 5595 Arapahoe Road Boulder Colorado, 80303 Max Strength MMC is a Medical Marijuana Clinic dedicated […]
September 16, 2011

Marijuana trimming HELP

Should i tim these clones, theres alot of leaves on the stem and i thing its taking energy from the plants to grow upwards,iv had the […]
October 1, 2011

Collection of Insane Weed Marijuana Pictures

These buds make my mouth water, and my eyes red 😛
November 20, 2011

9/28/11 Outdoor Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Grow in Strict Compliance with CA Health and Safety 11362.5 and 11362.7 Music: Famous Remix – Curren$y