May 21, 2011


Medicinal Mike talks about the negative attitudes towards openly demonstrating in support of the decriminalization of Cannabis or Medical Marijuana that are still prevalent in the […]
June 18, 2011

POPULATION CONTROL sustainable development carbon tax extortion cancer IMF

skin, biological robots, death, research, gene therapy, perfection, preservation, goals, sustainable earth, population reduction, truth, info-wars, self improvement, trust, ownership, freedom, contracts, medicinal marijuana, sick care, […]
June 24, 2011

Say No to Leona Aglukkaq (Health Canada) and her changes to Medical Marijuana in Canada

Say No to Leona Aglukkaq (Health Minister – Health Canada) and her changes to Medical Marijuana in Canada. She calls these changes (that are a direct […]
June 24, 2011

2011 Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow: FEED

A quick update on the ladies with a decent glimpse into a typical organic feeding regiment.
July 19, 2011

Cocaine Snorting Obama wants to TAKE AWAY YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!!

I don’t use or condone the abuse of marijuana but don’t see a problem using it for medicinal purposes. However, admitted cocaine snorting and pathological liar […]
July 28, 2011

Grow Rooms

A “Grow Room” is an indoor space that is designed for cultivating cannabis. Farmers have to abide by legal standards, which are decided by each state. […]
July 30, 2011

The Jodie Emery Show – July 28, 2011

Jodie gets a beautiful card and flowers for her and Marc’s 5th anniversary on July 23rd. Marc gets bad news about changes at the prison. Sign […]
July 31, 2011

Comedian Jimmy Dore Joins TYT In-Studio

August 12, 2011

What Julia Gillard looks like as a smoker

Download it here: Time 20 April · 2011- 16:00 – 18:30 Location Melbourne CBD State Library Melbourne, Australia 4.00 – 6.30/7pm Please select guests under […]