September 7, 2010

Rick Simpson Story marijuana bust video

policecrimedotcom asked: Police officer Police Videos police brutality police jobs sheriff department security officer cops crimes misconduct law enforcement deputy officer traffic stop rights marijuana […]
September 8, 2010

Do cops actually think they’re helping anyone when they arrest someone for marijuana?

icezizim asked: i was recently arrested for possession of marijuana. several of the police made numerous stoner jokes and laughed about it. i felt like a […]
May 23, 2011

Marijuana with Sonny Bono: US Government Propaganda Film (3/3) (1968)

1968 Watch the full film: Cannabis was used as a truth serum by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a US government intelligence agency formed […]
January 10, 2012

World Government Elections 2012 Ron Paul Disinformation

In politics, there always has to be a good guy, otherwise there would be a revolt overnight. Good guys are put there as an aphrodisiac for […]
April 9, 2012

Riley Fox, Comedian – Legalizing Drugs

Comedian Riley Fox discussing the legalization of drugs at Out Front On Main in Murfreesboro, TN on 12/17/11. For more, visit:
July 2, 2012

NEW 2012: pot farm on facebook. (720 HD) – Social Media Jobs From Home

Social Media Jobs From Home pot farm on facebook. (720 HD) this is a fairly new app on facebook. basically, you grow and harvest different […]