February 21, 2012

SWEET, 8k/240 medical marijuana operating surface temp of hid ballast while being cooled.

8k @ 240 air cooled ballast surface temp check during peak operation. …..!…update and upgrade soon New design and look maybe temp will change ? whats […]
March 16, 2012

LED Grow lights,no high pressure Sodium,Cannabis,marijuana,pot,63

Hey all see how fast an full they are.The plants have been growing for 2 mo’s now.Under 2–240W and 2-120W,,all cost total together $620,, So just […]
August 21, 2012

1140 watt LED grow room update

Well trying to keep all in the know of thing,s.And as you can see all is looking very nice.
August 24, 2012

1140 watt LED lights can you see

Just trying to show you all a better veiw,it is very how to show this 1140 watt grow room.