Marijuana proponents: Is it ethically ok to abuse to medicinal marijuana for recreational use?

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September 14, 2010
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September 14, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Cobb Perrin asked:

I know many potheads. They’re all for legalization of recreational marijuana. Many of them have weed cards for non-existent ailments so they can get weed from dispensaries. Doesn’t this make a mockery of the of the professional medical community? Or does the ends justify the means in getting blazed?


  1. Lilo says:

    Let them abuse the system cause soon they will be suffering from weed psychosis .

  2. Yeti says:

    Ethically okay? Absolutely not.

    I seem to increasingly encounter people with these medicinal cards who are flagrantly abusing them. Sure, they might have had some “legitimate” medical need that they stretched a bit to get the card, but they sure don’t seem to be handling the stuff in ways that people would if they had true major need, and if it was the sole thing that worked on their pain or whatever the problem is. They’d be seriously guarding it with their life, not handling it about like, well, a recreational user most likely would.

    Yes, it makes a mockery of the medical profession. Yes, they should perhaps start looking into prosecuting doctors who hand the things out to virtually anyone who asks — doubly so if the stuff gets traced from minors who are getting their hands on it indirectly, or even work accidents, etc.

    The sad part is that I expect there are a small handful of people who really truly need the stuff for chemo or AIDS or whatnot, and those are the ones for whom it was intended. Now somebody scrapes their knee and gets their med card rather than take an aspirin. Makes me suspicious whatever else they throw out prescriptions for left and right — prescription painkillers, psychiatric medications, you name it.

    Anyway, no, it’s not ethically okay to abuse medicinal marijuana for recreational use. The people who truly need it for long-term medicinal use are ultimately going to be the ones to suffer because of all the self-centered, short-sighted abusers.

    And it’s going to be terribly ironic if/when potheads start ending up with things like AIDS and chemotherapy, but they can’t get marijuana for treatment because they abused their medicinal use recreationally in prior years when they *didn’t* really need it.

  3. Mathieu says:

    No it is not fine. It is also illegal to use a prescription medication in any way other than it is prescribed.

    There are also real risks to using medical marijuana, people who apply for a job where they are drug tested if THC (marijuana) shows as positive they can legally be refused the job even with a prescription. However if methamphetamine shows up and a person has a perception for Desoxyn they can still get the job because it is legal on all levels.

    And although the Federal Government has said they will not prosecute legitimate users they may prosecute someone who clearly uses it for recreation. A person with AIDS or even a person with severe chronic non-malignant pain are typically easy to tell apart from from with a real reason to use it.

    What I found really disturbing is that in Colorado (where I am at the moment) which is one of the places I used to live there are dispensaries lining some of the streets. And even worse was hearing an advertisement on the radio for a “free consultation” to get marijuana. I can’t believe that is legal. Schedule II drugs (morphine, OxyContin, Adderall, Ritalin) can’t have direct to consumer advertising yet those drugs do have very legitimate, well proven, uses and if a doctor would advertise “free consultation” for OxyContin or amphetamines it would be terrible and he could potentially lose his license.

    You are perfectly correct, it does make a mockery of the medical community and the people who want to do good- not get people high. Drugs that have recreational use are important medication but they are not indented to be used for a high.

    I feel marijuana does have a legitimate use but only for a few things. I also think it is important to allow doctors the ability to prescribe off label but this is ridiculous. It is possible to write for oxycodone to a patient for depression. However many doctors would NEVER do that and the people that might consider it (I might) would only do it under the most extreme situations when a patient fails every treatment and has no history of substance abuse. It may even be acceptable to do the same with marijuana but ONLY in extreme and very rare situations. But kids are now getting marijuana for ADHD without even trying FDA approved treatments. And I bet there will be consequences, marijuana is not without risk.

  4. wool market says:

    Some FACTS about MJ from a highly respected science periodical:

  5. Sunshine says:

    I think it’s a good thing that people are, how you say, ‘abusing’ these cards. In my eyes it’s less of abuse and more of “they’re aware as to the many benefits of anyone that smokes weed”. To anyone that smokes marijuana, you know where I’m coming from when I say that weed could easily bring world peace. Then to people that know where i’m coming from that used to be on a lot of prescription drugs, I was sick of feeling like a nonexistant zombie everyday to have ‘stabalized’ emotions. I live in an area where marijuana is only decriminalized, but there is never a moment in my life that it’s not in my house or in my lungs. I believe that if everyone smoked weed than there would be no war or depression. I can’t say much else because this world is so fucked up at this point that I’m not sure about anything anymore. In my eyes though, if someone has a medical marijuana card then fucking good for them that they are using (not abusing) it to help other people. Pot brings nothing but good feelings, hunger, and a dry mouth. If anyone says that marijuana is bad they clearly are just listening to the media and have no idea what they are talking about. Most of them probably even believe that a joint is like smoking 4 cigarettes at once.

  6. There is no Shermer in Illinois says:

    It’s totally fine! Marijuana should be completely legal. The fact that people have to jump through hoops to legally get marijuana is a joke. Long live bud.

  7. Jack Pliskin says:

    Dude, I don’t know, I’m way too high right now.

  8. S B says:

    Would you rather your pothead friends going to they old dealers and buying weed they didn’t know where it came from, who grew it, who they were gonna have to talk too to get it, where they have to go. And whether or not the dealer is a crackhead on welfare and wouldn’t hesitate to stab a guy for 10$.
    Ethically it is OKAY because marijuana is a plant and should never have been made illegal. Our government is a mock and sham and they tell us we are built on freedom, but think for alittle bit we are free to a degree but everyday the government closes the shackles around our legs and soon we wont be able to run away from this country as it will be a policed country.
    Seriouslly if this country is free then why do citizens need to abuse medicinal health laws and spend our healthcare dollars for a plant.
    I would hold nothing against the potheads as it should be legal.
    If you like cats then take this . say you couldnt get cats because they were illegal and any cat found on site was killed. So cat lovers everywhere breed cats and sell them on the illegal market and then make up some bullshit so that cats become medicinal to cure lonelyness. So a new medicinal market opens up and some people just want cats but arent lonely, would you hold it against them that they lied to get a cat because of the way the system is. I dont think you would and if youre thinking lol a cat isnt a drug, well the drug isnt a drug it is a plant. What gives us the smarter form of life to kill other forms of life because we just dont like them. That in no way shows what a true human is, and anyone who doesnt understand doesnt have a heart.

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