Growing medical marijuana with a medical card?

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September 14, 2010
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September 14, 2010
Marijuana Growing
nutellaman asked:

My friend wants to grow marijuana in my house and he has a medical marijuana card. we live in California btw. Is it possible to do that? or would I have to get him registered as my roommate for him to be able to do that? if the question isnt clear please say something


  1. Elliot says:

    As a farmer you are allowed to grow an alloted amount of marijuana (check your county’s laws) for (sometimes) up to 3 separate patients. All you need to do is have them make a copy of their actual medical referral (not their card) and post it in your house, back yard, etc; in plain site. It helps to get it laminated. That’s what I did w/ mine.

  2. Elliott M says:

    penn state co-op has all the details

  3. Bryan_C says:

    Yes he can grow in your home…There is no registration requirement. You and he should keep a copy of his recommendation or state issued card authorizing his use/cultivation of medical marijuana. This way if a police officer comes to check you can show him the paperwork.

    Beware that cultivating increases the chances the police will notice you. Keep your numbers low to be conservative, so if any problems arise the police may not automatically think you are growing to sell the marijuana and make a profit.

    If they do come say nothing other than your roommate is a patient, do not consent to the search of your home and keep the Marijuana as segregated from you as possible…best if your roommate has a key (you don’t) for the marijuana grow area.