could i get fired if i start using medicinal marijuana or get a medical card?

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September 9, 2010
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September 9, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
heartkiller asked:

i have a sharp pain on my lower back i believe is called sciatica and one of the treatments is narcotics such as marijuana.. i work in the food industry on a well known restaurant like a ihop or a dennys. would i get fired if the doctor prescribes me with this card?


  1. CADriver says:

    You should talk with an attorney about it.

  2. midnightmoon says:

    Its going to depend on the laws in your area, and whether or not your company supports it.

    If you get marinol rather than marijuana, you are protected because it is legal nation wide, including federally, and available at the pharmacy.

    If you get real marijuana, you could be at risk. Many of the local areas that have medical marijuana have not fully updated the laws surrounding the rights of employers to fire an employee for medical marijuana use. Other companies (such as walmart) will defer to federal law, which says marijuana is NOT a legal medicine, and can fire you.

    But, how often are you drug tested? I did food industry for 3 years and was never drug tested, not even for pre employment. If you dont get drug tested, dont let the wrong people know, and dont use at work, you will be under the radar. *unless* you have an accident at work for which they make you get drug tested.

  3. Exec Pot Head says:

    The card will not get you fired.
    The card does not protect from employment drug screening. Don’t tell a sole, do not medicate at work and don’t reek. The reeking will get you! A Dr. does not prescribe they recommend.

    Added: To clarify the other response – True – in CA you need nothing more than a Dr’s verbal or written recommendation. It is written into the law that way – not sure if because of HIPPA. The patient is even protected legally without the card. The Dr. note is needed in CA to receive a card.

  4. William C says:

    I believe there is a difference between a med card and a recommendation here in CA. You need to go through the state to get the card, but only a licensed doctor to get the recommendation. From what I understand, you don’t need to disclose that you have a recommendation, something about HIPAA? They might be able to find out if you have that state card though… It’ll all depend on your state laws. =)

  5. Dorian V says:

    unless you work around heavy machinery or your job does drug tests, then no you cannot.

    If you have a doctors recommendation, however, and you do not work around heavy machinery, you can talk to your superiors about it.

    You don’t have to though. You are medicating when you are not at work, so it shouldn’t bring up any controversy.

    If you use common sense and don’t toke before or during work, then you ought to be set.

    Get well and happy inhaling.