Question about marijuana growing for horticulture school essay?

how do you get all female seeds when growing marijuana?
September 7, 2010
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September 7, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Lucas asked:

Has anyone grown marijuana (for medical purposes obv) in there house nd where was the best place to grow it etc.
Please involve details etc as my essay will ask for details.
And please in advance, if u dnt like marijuana dnt go on about how ‘bad’ it is etc because thats not what im asking.

*i do not intend on growing marijuana nor have i ever been in contact with it. this question is purely based on an essay for school.*


  1. James says:

    i used to and it was great quality but sadly, i got busted and did 3 years

  2. Raw Truth w/ Vitamins says:

    No I have not, but any room will do. Usually you cover the blinds on the windows with foil sheets or black paper from the inside to be less conspicuous to neighbors and people you wouldn’t want getting into your medicine because of the constant bright light. You use powerful lights to grow these plants with maximum exposure for the quickest growth in the smallest amount of time. You water, feed and make sure the plants get plenty of nutrition – just like any plant. If you grew this outside it would grow like a weed and spread like weeds too. You usually get your buds about 6 to nine months into the growing process. If you want more details of what I’m talking about check out what’s out there.