Operation Green Reaper Marijuana Bust – KOMO [April 2008]

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alapoet asked:

realitycatcher-alapoet.blogspot.com www.realitycatcher.com KOMO news reports (in typical nauseatingly cop-butt-kissing fashion) on the Operation Green Reaper marijuana bust, King County (Seattle area), Wash., April 23, 2008. In this “informative” report, we learn that growing a little Mary Jane results in a “toxic waste site,” LOL! Hey, it’s not meth, crewcut dude! Just Mother Earth’s green herb. Sigh… Hey, is it my imagination, or is the video of a grow room full of budding plants stock footage that KOMO already had in the can? NWCN and KING didn’t have any plant footage, leading Reality Catcher to believe that most of the plants seized were tiny sprouts or clone starts. When, oh when, will the lies and bullshit end? Just remember, folks They’re spending YOUR tax dollars to pull these asinine capers and to tell these whoppers! Don’t tase me, bro! I gotta call ’em like I see ’em.


  1. fullcolorone says:

    Watch the two frames at 0.11 seconds and you will see a grandma pointing a gun with the caption reading Dem Dumb Dogs and the in the next frame a picture of a big rock being moved. These frames are subliminal messages added to cause the brain to associate Marijuana with something else, hard drugs perhaps. Rock & Gun’s maybe ? Why would KOMO want us to associate these things with marijuana ? Pay close attention people.

  2. WiiGeee says:

    toxic waste? from what? growing chemicals? the same shit thats used on farms? are farms toxic waste sites? last time i checked, installing a hydro system in the basement and improving the electrical system doesnt destroy a house.
    And really, if we would just legalize it we wouldnt have to “worry” about “asian gangs” destroying our neighorhoods. Imagine if grow ops were just like breweries. Legit businesses with nice buildings, like Hales ales or something.

  3. chino112582 says:

    This is outrageous. I bet the growers (who assumingly smoke a plethora of pot) are chill people, not wanting to hurt anyone. “Asian gang members” probably means a “group of asian guys” who sling pot because, lots of people smoke pot and its in high demand in Seattle. How does their green house make the community a “dangerous place”? Were gun shots and crazy all night parties going on all the time? I bet a snoopy ass neighbor with their 9-5 office job with nothing better to do, ratted them out.

  4. bcsROBBERY says:

    “toxic waste site”?????????? wtf???? it’s a plant growing op., not a fucking meth lab.

  5. slamminhole69 says:

    well if pot was legal then these “asian gangs” wouldn’t exist because there would be no money for them…the criminal side effects of weed are much more severe than the actual aide effects of the drug itself

  6. sk8forlife90 says:

    asian gangs is such a lie. they make it sound like it was an asian gang so everyone who dosn’t smoke weed or nothing dosn’t have to worry about nothing once they get rid of the houses lol. what they don’t tell you is that their just houses owned by ordinary people who grow. nothing organized about it. what fucking liars.

  7. sk8forlife90 says:

    asian gangs lol. what is this world coming to with all the asian gangs these days growing all their weed all over the place?

  8. jtkelly06 says:

    abandoned house? that becomse toxic waste? these are terms used for a meth lab/house.
    a grow house is just the opposite. the stoners
    the bank would reposes the house, and that house would be sold within a month

  9. tripster9 says:

    i was just gonna say.well goes to show you how propaganda is once again going to corrupt.world power struggle and this kind of shit will go rampant

  10. healingofnation says:

    toxic waste!? what a dumbass

  11. Dr420Clonex says:

    asian gangs and bc bud. i love how the media hypes stuff up. leave the weed alone. let us smoke you fucks

  12. FARTYPANTS30 says:

    Toxic waste?!?! Destroyed and abandoned future house?!?! WHATEVER!!! If you destroy one grow op; they will build ten more gardens. That equipment is everywhere. If I were law enforcement in King County, I would really watch out for the tweakers more than the stoner asian gangs.

  13. anthony07801 says:

    toxic waste??? hahahahahahhahah. omg funny

    peace love and ganja

  14. PsychoticSpasm says:

    LMAO…they must have been growing radio-active weed that shit bio-hazards. Dontcha just love “Fair and balanced news coverage”?

  15. meh669 says:

    Toxic waste….????? How do you figure??? FUCKING FUCK TARDS

  16. JustinP says:

    Hmmm, a toxic waste dump? What exactly would be toxic about lights and exotic plants (cannabis)…? Let them lie, it makes the people that aren’t sure on their stance to re-think it in a more intelligent way I am hoping anyways, I have come across quite a few stupid people lately though, lolz

    peace and pot

  17. SEEKRET says:

    HAHAHAH Toxic Waste Site, unbelievable. Look at the people running these things, wtf did they major in?

  18. billp4 says:

    The mainstream medai is just LAME. Try not to be so STUPID.

  19. billp4 says:

    Why the F* would it be a toxic waste site?

  20. thefakeyeti says:

    Ya I found this amusing..

    They are getting excited about 814 plants, and 700thousand dollars..

    Barely a dent :).. it probably will take another group a few months to take off where they left..

    And BAM.. they get busted.. and the cycle restarts..

    The drug warriors would wan’t you and I to believe it is a victory.. CHA RIGHT!

  21. skatingtagger says:

    they staked out a garden store to find pot growers! why not wallgreens and wallmart and try to find fucking methlabs FUCK THE POLICE! (unless your a member of leap) lol

  22. holistic616 says:

    f*ck the dam pigs.

  23. Racer1968 says:

    That cracked me up also! The problem is there are still some sheep out there that believe this drivle!

  24. alapoet says:

    Yes! The level of ignorance (or lying) there is unbelievable.

  25. justinsin says: