Cop Eats Pot Brownies Calls 911 (Full)

Hight Times Marijuana Growing part 5
September 5, 2010
Florida marijuana bust
September 5, 2010
circuitbreaker5 asked:

Cop Eats Pot Brownies Calls 911


  1. Trollamollex says:

    “can you look?” dumb ass bitch with cheap ass diction,ITS CHECK!!!!

  2. Sveccha93 says:

    @babasonica1220 he actually admits he’s smoked before. weed is great. it’s better and safer than alcohol, and everyone knows that now. get a grip sweetiepie.

  3. revolution09pac says:

    “I think we’re dead”

  4. david52875 says:

    @babasonica1220 Stop being so butthurt

  5. INGLEWOODambassador says:

    haha! Quarter ounce, thats all?/ Musta been some bomb ass weed

  6. ambskater97 says:

    I wonder what the mother-in-law did when she showed up: “I told you not to those eat pot brownies, Sheila! First, I told you not to marry him now you’re eating pot brownies!”

  7. Topgeneral3070 says:

    I had that happen once where I thought I was dead…didn’t help I was watching my friends play cod nazi zombies.

  8. normanplombe says:

    @babasonica1220 ….cops don’t get to arrest people at will???what country do YOU live in?….i guess you think cops don’t steal evidence…like pot from teenagers, maybe.

  9. babasonica1220 says:

    You should probably learn to spell before you make your next video. Lesson 1: The correct spellings (in order) are “definitely,” “douches,” “they’re,” “vicodin,” “your,” and “hallucinating.” Lesson 2: cops don’t get to arrest people at will. Lesson 3: I’m sure he’d never been stoned before which, clearly, can’t be said for you.

  10. freestyler1921 says:

    Dude his response to every question: I DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW SEND HELP

  11. areodynamic1 says:

    Lol…at the point where he said tht his wife takes vicodin I could not laughing until I realized that he said vicodin and not Viagra

  12. spikeyhairazn says:

    YOU GUYS ATE ALL OF IT? hahahaha

  13. thecanadianstoner1 says:

    oh man please…I bong a quarter ounce in a 30 min time span….what a turd….goto sleep and have an awesome dream!

  14. marsbarz says:

    Uhhhhm the first time I got high was wayyyy worse. Lol.

  15. TREYmichaels says:

    This is the melt in your couch kinda pot ive been looking for..

  16. PrepSurvivor says:

    That must have been some GREAT pot.
    like, some serious dank shit.

  17. Joesexy424 says:

    ….i, i, i think we’re dead

  18. Joesexy424 says:

    ….i, i, i think we’re dead

  19. bus603blackfish says:

    guy: 911?
    911 lady: yes can we help you
    guy: hey um me and my wife ate some pot brownies and i think im gonna die. what do i do?
    911 lady: ok ok heres what you need to do: you need a big bag of doritos, chips and some cookies. Next, you need to find a nice comfy chair. Then grab a pair of headphones and listen to pink floyd on your ipod. After that, sit back and enjoy 🙂

  20. subzeroscars582 says:

    What a jackass!

  21. DreBarret says:


  22. mikkileecarter says:

    i dont think i would of gotten through that call if i was the dispatcher. i would of been LMAO. “i think were dead. i really do.” 😀

  23. karen9119 says:

    luv to be a stoned fly on the wall lmao watchin him freak out

  24. jmillwer91 says:

    must’ve been some good weed

  25. jmillwer91 says:

    must’ve been some good weed