I am growing MARIJUANA and my seedlings are showing signs of deficiencies the leaves are curling?

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September 15, 2010
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September 15, 2010
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juicycoop asked:

towards the stems and the tips of the leaves are dried and cracking… The plants are only 2 weeks old Suggestions?


  1. TaelRiverine says:

    Isn’t that illegal. I dunno if i will get arrested by helping you, but I will give you a hint. You are supposed to squirt the leaves with something…

  2. CS says:

    Soil or hydro? Leaves curling up or down? 2 wk old plants should not be receiving much in the way of nutes yet, could be too much if you’re feeding them. pH can affect uptake of nutes as well…
    Take a look her to get some ideas:

    go here and ask your question:

    You’ll have to register, but it’s a safe site in the Netherlands with experts from all over the world willing to help new growers.