Rick Simpson Story marijuana bust video

Do you know any Bands that can do benefit show in Cali for The Marijuana Control, Regulation & Education Act ?
September 6, 2010
do you think that californians will vote yes, and pass the marijuana bill?
September 7, 2010
policecrimedotcom asked:

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  1. peterpotpie says:

    Bring Rick Simpson home. Vote the government who has done this out of office.

  2. MiClLC says:

    You Sir, deserve to have so many more subs 🙂

  3. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    -Dr. Melamede, USA, Tel: 719-262-3135, “This should piss off a lot of people Cannabinoids kill a variety of Cancer cells. This was first discovered in the 1970’s (PMID: 1159836).”
    -Dr. Guzman, Spain, Tel: 34-91394-4668 “THC induces the Cancerous cell to make a fatty substance called ceramide, which prompts the cell to start devouring itself, noncancerous cells don’t make ceramide when they come into contact with THC. The healthy cells don’t die.”

  4. upabittoolate says: