Marijuana with Sonny Bono: US Government Propaganda Film (3/3) (1968)

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May 22, 2011
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May 23, 2011

Marijuana with Sonny Bono: US Government Propaganda Film (3/3) (1968)1968 Watch the full film: Cannabis was used as a truth serum by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a US government intelligence agency formed during World War II. In the early 1940s, it was the most effective truth drug developed at the OSS labs at St. Elizabeths Hospital; it caused a subject “to be loquacious and free in his impartation of information.” In May 1943, Major George Hunter White, head of OSS counter-intelligence operations in the US,


  1. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone You cannot just shut me down, ma friend!! The government sells LEGAL drugs like ritalin and vicodin… they make money off of them because they are only available through the big pharmacy companies!
    And how do I support the terrorists?
    The last time I checked, Washington GREW hemp and he PROPELLED this country that you and I both love!
    Even if he never consumed cannabis, Washington definitely demanded the growing of hemp on ALL American farms. Now we reject it?

  2. rcameronswindsor says:

    @Armornone um, hey, what’s up buddy, wanna fuck?

  3. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone What “crimes” do I do to people like you? I volunteer at the homeless shelter on weekends. I work for special needs students in my town during the day. Over the summer, for the times of the day that I am not at work, I will be spending the majority of my time with special needs students, giving them a sense of hope that someone in the world truly cares about them.

    What are YOU doing with your life?

  4. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone Cannabis was legal before 1937. End of statement.

    You are racist. You use sarcasm and name calling to get your false point across. You do not take a single idea that I offer and look it up to see if it is true or false, you simply just do not look at my side whatsoever.

    Thank you for all of your time. Watch this video:


  5. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone NO I DO NOT GET DRUGS FROM HOMELESS PEOPLE. They cannot even afford clothing. I help them get on their feet to try and get to the Red Cross and maybe get a job, get an apartment, and slowly build up some credit. You are sick for calling homeless people drug dealers. Please drop the homeless—drug relation.

    My father abusing alcohol almost killed him. My responsible use of cannabis in the privacy of my home and my bible should be up to me, not the DEA and FDA.
    Thank you as well.

  6. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone I have never done a single thing you have mentioned. I have never caused harm, damage, or endangerment to anyone. I have never had an urge to use anything other than cannabis, and I have never NEEDED to have cannabis, unlike smokers and drinkers like you and your colleagues. I have a job to support my life, do you? I have volunteer work to help others, not to feel good about myself. You never answered my question.

  7. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 So does your drug dealer have an address. I hope you are in that place when it gets raided by the DEA. What you are doing is against the law. What makes you above the drug law of the United states? You people thing of every excuse you can. religions, medical, artistic, limited government, etc… If there anything you won’t try? You don’t care how you do it but you want Marijuana legalized and you won’t take NO for an answer. That is why you people need to be locked up.

  8. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone That is not my argument. You know that it is not my argument, yet you say it anyways.

    I do NOT burn the American flag, turn over cars, or act like an animal, nor have I ever been to a protest.

    If you do not need to make a case, why defend yourself? Why not just leave it alone if you have no fear of cannabis ever becoming legal?

  9. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone It is more than a dislike. It is an intolerance. Harmful drugs, criminals, and terrorists are in a league of their own; I agree with you on their dangers. However, I truly believe that the active hate of any person who is not directly harming another person is wrong and unjust. But you are entitled to your ultimate opinion; I respect you as a fellow citizen, however I hope you may one day realize that private and regulated cannabis legalization is more about the liberty than the drug.

  10. budsAok420 says:

    @Armornone hey bud its me again. so i clicked on your name and saw all the other post you put up before. your so unexcepting of other people. by the way you did call that black guy a nigger on that one vid. god hates liers so your probably going to hell. since your so self righteous let me hit you with some knowledge, jesus hung out with the lowest of people. the ones no one else liked why dont you try to be more like your god and stop hating

  11. Armornone says:

    @rcameronswindsor Spam bot?

  12. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone do you have a high position in policy change or government influence?

  13. dcqhuntero4 says:

    I can’t believe you people are influenced by this film that was made 43 years ago. You know what trips off the sketch is right when the kid is being arrested, who the fuck wore sunglasses in complete darkness in the 1960’s?? Its your type of personality that has made this country so fucked up with your over consuming non intelligence. As for the minorities did you know that most obese people including kids that live in the U.S. are white people, so that accounts for Heart disease and Diabetes.

  14. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Liberal Translation: I sell dope to homeless dudes. LOL.. If you look at prostitutes, strippers, homeless people, prison inmates they all started out doing marijuana which causes their life to go down the toilet. You people then will break into people’s houses, cars, do whatever you can to steal money from other to support your habit. You people causes a lot of damage when you are loaded up on those drugs with your altered state of mind, you are a danger to yourself as well as others.

  15. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 You are breaking the law and therefore a federal criminal. Many homeless people are drug addicts. Tell me, how do you get these illegal drugs. I want names and addresses if possible. I think the DEA should know about your little racket of buying schedule 1 drugs. You are so sure that you are correct, then tell it to the judge and see what he said about it. You people are addicts, you know its illegal, risk jail just so you can get high off illegal drugs. You need to get help man.

  16. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 You hipsters are trying to brainwash people into being your minions by using sick and dying people as your tools. I find this reprehensible. I first came aware of you people when I was watching a youtube video of a presidential candidate who was bombarded by a bunch of hippies pushing a dying person in a wheel chair and a video camera. Sickening to use a dying person to advance your druggie agenda. Do you have no shame. Ugh, truly awful display of subhuman behavior.

  17. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone NOO. I am not looking for anyone to be a minion, I fight to liberate people from their oppressed lives. The point is that it should be available for both sick and well people. WHY IS ALCOHOL LEGAL!?!?!?

  18. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 It is a well known fact that Minorities are filthy, dirty and diseased much more than a typical white American. Blacks are many times more likely to have AIDS than whites. That is a fact. I use to go to the movies in a bad area , and I can tell you they smell very bad.
    Maybe its not a political correct thing to say but I call them like I see them. I am interested in the truth and facts not political correctness. Drugs are a 1 way ticket to jail or a screwed up life. Don’t do drugs.

  19. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 I like a lot of things. The only thing I dislike is illegal drugs, hippies, criminal and terrorist who threaten America. The jury is still out of the Mormons, trying to understand why they can each other brother and sister when they are unrelated is cult-like behavior however I am not convinced one way or another.

  20. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Some Keven Federline on steroids with a backwards hat saying he abuses drug does not superceed federal law, all the nation’s top scientific organizations because he like to attend drug parties.

    That video proves absolutely nothing. Your side does not hold any water. Even Ronald Reagan who is from California for gosh said that Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs around. Its schedule 1 drug, the most illegal and dangerous addictive drug there possible is. SCHEDULE 1 !!!!!!!

  21. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone I actually clicked on your name, only to discover a page that listed videos you had commented previously on. It was just upsetting to me to see how much you hated something on every single comment you posted!

  22. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 You want substance equality? You want civil rights for illegal drugs? How did you get this screwed up mindset? You are from California right?

  23. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Over 20 million people in jail for marijuana!!!! I guess it helps the nation by giving the police a way to lock up filthy minorities and flag burning hippies. LOL. I am sure you probably have some kind of different take on it. I am amazing how there is an entire group of people like you who spend all day thing about how to legalize a dangerous drug.

  24. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 What name calling? You mean saying the truth? I think maybe we can have a judge sort this all out and you can have a civilized conversation with the judge after you are arrested for procession of a schedule 1 drug. Here is my civilized answer, get all the science you say is on your side, your million of dollars from the man who destroyed 3 other countries, GEROGE SOROS and present your case to the FDA as a cure for cancer instead of hippie protest. You are not helping your case.

  25. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone An 18 year old can go fight and protect his country, but he cannot drink because of the current 21 year age limit on alcohol. I do not wish to drink anything alcoholic, but I just find it absurd that someone can die fighting for the protection of the right that others older than him can drink. God bless the troops.

    Do not liberate the crack dealer… destroy his dealing by taking it out of his hands through legalization and regulation. I do not use cocaine, by the way.

  26. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone You haven’t said a single word of truth. You haven’t helped your case either. I am sorry I started this conversation in the first place. You are of no importance to this cause, and this conversation has just opened my eyes to how ignorant the human race can still be. I am sorry to waste your time.

  27. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 I don’t need to make a case. Its already illegal. You are the one trying to make a case. Burning the American flag, turning over cars, acting like total animals at these hippie protest vs having a civilized discussion with scientist and medical experts. Your argument is ” Give me marijuana because it cures cancer and so I can reach out and touch the cosmos man.” Then you say ” I want to run my car on marijuana but the FDA is in bed with the oil companies to protect their profit” Ugh!

  28. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 I am sure the unscrupulous people you encounter at the homeless shelter and your affinity to secure a sources for your illegal drug habit with an illegal drug dealer in the black market has nothing to do with your so called ” charity work” I sure you down obtain illegal drugs while going to these ghetto areas you seem to love so much. Its true that drug addicts are unable to realize the effects that drugs have on their friends and family. Tell me, do your parents or kids your habit?

  29. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone YOU WIN YOU WIN YOU WIN!!!! 😀

    Oh wait, you did NOT win!!!!!!!!!

    Cannabis is both Hemp (male) and “Marijuana” (female). The difference is one comes with more THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. Either way, BOTH are illegal!!! WHY!?!?
    Why HEMP at LEAST????
    It is a CHEAP INDUSTRIAL plant that should be used instead of the costly 16,000 alternative sources.

    I enjoy plenty of other things. I do NOT enjoy the GOV telling me WHAT I should or shouldn’t DO!!!!

  30. Armornone says:

    I mean we need to government to protect people like me from people like you. I would prefer to have the least amount to government possible but since people like you refuse to stop doing drugs, we still need government to lock people like you up.

  31. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone Can we stop talking about cannabis for a minute?
    I feel like the issue here isn’t the plant, It is your attitude. Your vernacular is horrible; you say things like “you people” and you accuse me of things I have never done. Why will you not try to be polite in order to prove your point?

    If it IS against the law and you are happy, why are you still arguing?
    YOU will not take no for an answer. And YES I DO care how it is legalized. LIBERTY is what is most important, not cannabis.

  32. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Sure, I will do what you ask if you stop smoking marijuana. Deal? Your father was not half as bad as you are. You do realize that abusing a schedule 1 drug like marijuana is far worse than your father abusing alcohol. I think your father should know that you are a drug addict who will end up in jail. Please tell me, do you obtain your illegal drug from your homeless friends? Did they subject you to drugs?


  33. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone You just said filthy minorities. If that is not absolutely racist, I don’t know what is. I think our boarders should be way more secure, but that doesn’t mean be racist about it. I do not do this all day. I spend all day studying as an actor, working as a special needs assistant, volunteering at homeless shelters, and loving my family. I know nothing about you, therefore I need not say anything about you. Live well, sir.

  34. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone From a dispensary in Denver? Lmao!

    You need help too. Watch your mouth. Your language. Change your attitude about people. One who follows Christ fears not the law but only the Lord God who has created us. Have compassion on others. Jesus came to fulfill the law, thus doing away with the “law abiding” Religious men of that time. To be Christ-like is to be misunderstood. High? No. Compassionate? Absolutely.
    Thank you for our conversation. I pray your life bring you joy and peace. :]

  35. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Heroine, marijuana, etc.. its all schedule 1 illegal drugs and need to be stopped. When you use marijuana, you are supporting the terrorist. Do you hate America and want to see us die?

    Sorry, its illegal, you lost. Please accept it!

  36. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 I must admit, I don’t like the name Marijuana because it sound dirty and Mexican. However I think its appropriate to describe a drug as vial and disgusting as marijuana considering the drug smugglers, dealers and abusers.. LOL, so now you are blaming the name of the drug you are trying to get legalize. Its amazing how everyone and everything is to blame for you not getting legalized drugs.

    Maybe if you called it a furry cute baby bunny people would like it more. U R the name police?

  37. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 So you are looking for a more political correct name despite the fact that you are a criminal and abusing a schedule 1 illicit drug ? Instead of illegal drugs, should I say undocumented drugs? Instead of saying it will turn your lungs black, should I say it turns your lungs African American? I don’t understand what you are driving at? In the 60’s, you had a bunch of dope head drugged out loser hippies burning the American flag, Today you are back promoting your drug use in force.

  38. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone I am sorry, I cannot take your argument seriously, you keep grouping ME personally with a group that I am not associated with. Fix the issue and we can have a civil conversation about this.

    Cannabis is the official term. Marijuana was a term invented by Harry Anslinger. He was in charge of Alcohol prohibition. When Alcohol became legal again, he needed a job. He chose the name marijuana. It is not about political correction, it is about fixing the mistakes of the past.

  39. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Do I understand you correctly that you want to LEGALIZE COCAINE??? You are a hardcore druggie aren’t you. If you hate alcohol so much, then fight to make it illegal but legalize your cocaine and marijuana will not help society. The DEA should be camping out in front of your house after you said that you want cocaine legalized. You just showed everyone here exactly why you can’t be taken seriously. Maybe you can try to called it ” medical cocaine for cancer patients”!!!! W O W

  40. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone Alcohol is grandfathered in? What do you mean? That because it has been here for so long, it should be accepted? Because if that is the case, then cannabis, which has been around for THOUSANDS of years before alcohol, should be legal!

    Alcohol is the DESTRUCTION of the nation. Cannabis is the healing of the nation. CANNABIS HAS THOUSANDS OF USEFUL PROPERTIES. WAY more than alcohol!

  41. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone Ronald Reagan started the DEA. He was definitely not the best president we ever had. Nixon also said it. I do not need to argue anymore because you simply will not cooperate with my suggestions to a compassionate conversation. I have and will continue to live a self-fulfilling life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. God bless you. I refuse to attempt having a civilized debate with someone who does nothing but use ridiculous tactics such as name calling and lying. Goodbye.

  42. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone I am from Texas. I want liberty for mankind, for every person to be able to do as he or she pleases as long as it does not negatively affect another person.

  43. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone I do NOT do cocaine. I repeat, I do NOT use cocaine, or any other related drug for that matter. I am not a “druggie” and I never will be. I do not wish for alcohol to be illegal, but I do wish to have all substances treated the same. A MAN SHOULD NOT BE JUDGED BY WHAT HE DOES TO HIMSELF, ONLY BY WHAT HE DOES TO OTHERS. I rest my case. ALSO, FREEDOM OF SPEECH BUDDY. FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  44. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Murders are just Marijuana users who have not been caught yet. You don’t seen to grasp the fact that marijuana users end up killing people when they drive their car or when they go psycho because of their altered state of mind. Most marijuana users are must future criminals however putting them in jail for drugs before they commit the crimes saves the victim from the assult. Think of it like minority report but the minorities are the blacks and Mexicans on pot being arrested.

  45. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 I don’t like the government either but unfortunately people like you exist, drug dealers, drug users, criminals element. therefore we need the government to protect people from me from people like you.

    In good areas with nice honest people, we need very little or almost no government at all. In areas with high illegal aliens , drug dealers/users such as yourself ,we need a lot more government to police the streets and lock up criminal like you to protect people like me.

  46. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 You said that you have a medical marijuana card however the state of Texas does not allow these medical marijuana cards. You are violating both state law and federal law and can be prosecuted in both the state and federal level for procession of a schedule 1 controlled substance.

    Is the medical marijuana card true or living in Texas true? Please explain .

    Do you believe in liberty and freedom of people to keep their own money instead of giving it to drugged out mexicans on welfare?

  47. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 A ” high position” ? What do you mean by that? I don’t want to get murdered on the street by drug dealers or users if that want you mean.

    Let me ask you, why would a full time marijuana supporter be on the mormon video. Did you follow me on there or what? I do not see how you would happen to randomly find that video when it has nothing to do with marijuana which is the only thing you care about.

  48. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 So you fight to liberate people. So did you fight in Iraq to help liberate the people or are you a drugged out hippie. What about cocaine, heroine, etc…? Do you want to fight for liberate the crack dealer?

    So you want to liberate criminals? Well, criminals do not deserve to have freedom, they deserve to have jail.
    Alcohol is grandfathered in and also has sterilizing, cleaning and other properties that are useful.

    Marijuana can on bring misery and destruction.

  49. Armornone says:

    @lenlee14 Make up your mind. Are you talking about Hemp or Marijuana? Legal drugs are uses for a reason and most reasonable people will avoid these drugs whenever possible. Why don’t you hippies just accept that drugs are bad and try to find other thing if live that make you happy. Religion, Sports cars, TV, sports, dating, biking, fishing, boating, skiing, computers, whatever… You have wasted so much time on your time bitching about illegal drugs. You lost the case, its illegal. I win!

  50. lenlee14 says:

    @Armornone Please learn how to type and proofread the English language clearly so that I can easily understand what message you are trying to convey. Thank you.

    My father was an alcoholic. By the grace of Jesus Christ alone, he was able to get past his addiction and never touch alcohol since then.
    I enjoy cannabis, and I will NEVER destroy my life the way that my father ALMOST did.

    I work for SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS as well as the homeless.

    Seriously, God bless your twisted mind.