“My Immortal”

Amanda Jenssen – Morning Light1
May 20, 2011
THC Entry – 0.7 Gram Bong Hit
May 20, 2011

Boredom, Time, And Weed = Perfection..


  1. FalscherFuffziga says:

    hehe it’s really funny he is a cool guy

  2. ladylesane says:

    Lawlz, Yeah..

  3. almostjuice18 says:

    wayne you fuckin crazy man hahaha

  4. ZeusGD says:

    Lawd Jeeeeesus!!!!!!!!!

  5. SlayerWulf22 says:

    omg thats too Kewt Slimy Yer bro is soo Silly ^^is that u filming with the Cute giggles?

  6. ju67in says:

    lol, so she does have some color to her? That her brother… excuse me then maybe she is not a wigger… nice song tell your brother!

  7. XVirusDetectedX says:

    thats soo funny

  8. steven1nvidia says:

    Lmao, you know he’s the best.

  9. ladylesane says:

    Haha He Is Right..And Yeah Me And My Niece Was Taping It So That Is Us That You Hear.

  10. L1MPN00DL3 says:

    LMAO High Ass MothaFucka =P

  11. ladylesane says:

    Yes He is =]

  12. ladylesane says:

    No, I’m Not A Fkn Wigger Justin Jeeze. Thank You.