Munchie Minute Ep28 Candy Burgers

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November 2, 2011
November 3, 2011

Munchie Minute Ep28 Candy BurgersCandy treats that resemble burgers! Cure the munchies with this candy burger recipe. Also inculdes a song “Legalize Marijuana” Try and smoke a bowl The government says no But buds will always grow Legalize marijuana. Medicinal or not It’s fun to smoke pot So legalize it now Vote yes marijuana. Do do do do do…. It’s time to free weed Do do do do do…. Legalize marijuana


  1. Marijuanification says:

    First vid of yours I’ve watched and its great! Stay high and keep making super dank munchies!

  2. MrBlueGoo420 says:

    Sounds like one for the munchie recipe box. oh, and nice song.

  3. MunchieMinute says:

    @isofaster Thanks!

  4. GoRiLLaBleeZy says:


  5. goregrind666666 says:

    Nice singing !! 😀

  6. MunchieMinute says:

    @MrBlueGoo420 and @GoRiLLaBleeZy Thanks!

  7. MunchieMinute says:

    @verynice420 Sweet 😉

  8. keithbu says:

    @MunchieMinute you got any pot recipes, i just subbed. also i love your hair.

  9. MunchieMinute says:

    @sbiruism 🙂

  10. MunchieMinute says:

    @goregrind666666 Thanks!

  11. MunchieMinute says:

    @TheCosmicJoe Made them as little snacks when I had friends over they were a huge hit 🙂

  12. verynice420 says:

    Im hungry lol

  13. sbiruism says:


  14. isofaster says:

    luv the song =)

  15. TheCosmicJoe says:

    They look yummy for sure.I`ll try this recipe out for Halloween treats. Party On :0)