Oregon outdoor 2011 Medical Marijuana day 35ish

Hunters song
September 23, 2011
TeeJayFlow – Sex game so amazing (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)
September 24, 2011

Oregon outdoor 2011 Medical Marijuana day 35ishOregon outdoor 2011 Medical Marijuana garden roughtly day 35 grown in 5 gal containers with sunshine #4 using advanced nutrients MGB overdrive bigbug budcandy carboload nirvana cannazyme and final fase will be used. Strain is local oregon coast T4 very heardy fast rooting and self supporting in flowering i have grown may strains from harborside healthcenter oakland california and i can say t4 beats nearly all of them in ease of growth and quality and reliability. I also am running jillybean from


  1. SuperDoctorgreen says:

    Dam i’ve been waiting so long for you to do another video.. Nice.. Peace Out. SDG

  2. merryfourtwenty says:

    I had seen a video of an Advanced Nutrients spokesperson/writer, think his name was Eric, saying that powdery mildew can be carried on the inside of a plant, in clone form, and you can not even tell by looking at it. Its always good to keep that possibility in mind if you are using clones.

    For sure, Oregon, and Washington both have hardcore powdery mildew environments. You see the pathogen all over squash and pumpkin leaves in neighborhood gardens when you drive around.

  3. flowerFOG says:

    LOOKIN GOOD! that tarp is awesome, my outdoors was gettin alota dew last week.