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18yr old boy smoking marijuana?

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Brown eyes asked: My cousin’s son had just turn 18. He never tried marijuana until now. He is in the 12th grade and will be graduating in June. He will be going away to college in Rochester NY. He is getting full scho...

Why is there so much support for legalizing marijuana?

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? asked: I can bet all non-smokers are against it and stoners just want to get high legally. So then why isn't this issue treated like the joke it is?

****Was he thinking of/referring to marijuana?***?

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What does the number “22” have to do with drug references?

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Mompoet asked: I've heard it associated with marijuana use and in some other jokes, and I was just curious...

blood test.marijuana.i dont know anything about it?

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numberseven.withabullet asked: yeah so i was just hanging out with my friend [[who does drugs]] and like he was joking around and put a small amount of marijuana in my water and didnt tell me about it. so like when i ...