Can a veterinarian prescribe marijuana for my cat?

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September 11, 2010
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September 11, 2010
outdoor marijuana

He’s been an outdoor cat all of his life but he received a nasty wound that has been a real effort to heal.
The main problem is that he really wants to go out badly (even though he’s been neutered) and will raise such a fuss that sometimes there’s no option but to give in.

Well, then, I realized that if marijuana makes people tired and listless, and not even want to go outside, then maybe it would work on him too.

And since he doesn’t have any aspirations toward college…
I mean, he’s probably never going to write a novel or solve world hunger anyway.


  1. Kylie B says:

    I got medical marijuana for my cat for an injury, but it was pretty expensive in the long run. I had to buy too many doritos.

  2. R P Cat says:


    R P CAT

  3. Sara Jones says:

    No, bummer dude. Weed is a schedule 1 drug(like heroin) and most vets cannot get and FDA license for it. You have to have a special DEA for this and 99% of vets don’t. :Weird enough that PCP is okay schedule two or three I think.

  4. cosmosclara says:

    Well, since he doesn’t have any aspirations towards college!…LOL!!! There’s no harm in asking a vet!

    If you live in CA, this may not even be an issue! “Oh, sure, Dude!”


    I think you are the one who wants the marijuana.

  6. Jkittens says:

    Animals don’t generally like the “detached head” feeling. Don’t give it. Try rubbing a drop of NEEM SEED OIL on the injury. It’s about $10 at a health food store, & goes a very long ways. It kills viruses & bacteria. It is not harmful, and does not burn. Works for humans, too. Keep away from eyes.

  7. Dizzie says:

    High cats are more violent, my friend always tries to get her cat high and it goes like violent crazy and attacks people…. Weed is not for animals.