Is it possible for medicinal marijuana to go “bad”?

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Medicinal Marijuana
chilloutbrah asked:

In other word how long can i keep weed?
If i were to purchase a large amount.
Say a couple ounces. How long could i keep it?

7 comments on “Is it possible for medicinal marijuana to go “bad”?

  1. Jocelyn on

    forever!!! but since its for medical purposes it youll smoke it all….im pretty sure marijuana doesnt go stale…maybe after awhile you could damp a papertowel and put it in a pill bottle but dont put it on the weed and that should help dampen it up some but no need to worry its good for life!

  2. ffrost420 on

    you would be able to keep it till your stash is found. i wish i had that much right now, half of it would be gone by the morning.

  3. Believe on

    Usually its used up before it has a chance to go stale to begin with. Now if you keep it sealed and not let humidity to it it won’t get mold on it. The only thing that happens is any kind of weed is it will get really dry and brittle. It’ll still be smoke-able.

  4. Super Nanny on

    Marijuana can go can mold
    you dont want wet paper towels near it, thats ridiculous to suggest what are these posters 15 yrs old?
    cool dark dry place is what you want..for storage
    You can keep it 5-10 yrs if its cared for properly but like any plant it will lose oils and medicinal potency

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