How do people get caught growing marijuana in their house?

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September 10, 2010
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September 11, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Kot asked:

Not that I am thinking about doing it but just curious how they get caught. Do they have someway of knowing by the smell from them or do neighbors end up smelling the plants or what?


  1. Vanessa says:

    normally its that they notice the neighbor never goes to work, always has the house closed up and keeps to them selves, this is just wat wud give them an idea. then theres the smell which wud cum later.. and they will realize that it comes often and they will most likely report. but if you have a cannibus card, do the legal amount and are smart you shud have no worries..

  2. Kendra O says:

    Usually it goes hand in hand with being arrested for posession, i.e. a search will be warranted with just cause due to the owner of the house being found with marijuana on their person. Otherwise, unless the police are tipped off by someone else, they can’t search the house without a good reason.

  3. JayJay says:

    It smells like skunk, and it’s smellable over a wide area. Anybody with half a brain can find a grow-op just by the smell.

  4. Alex S says:

    I heard on the news there was this one guy who had a basement full of marijuana plants. He tried to light just one so he could get high but all of them caught on fire and so did the rest of the house. They knew something was up when all the firemen started acting funny.

  5. Heather says:

    A lot of activities that go along with growing marijuana are obvious signs to neighbors or police. Nosy neighbors may tip off the police, the person growing it can also be selling it and that can be noticed by police, some people brag which gets them in trouble, or (if it is a LARGE operation) there are ways to find out. Growing a large amount of marijuana takes special equipment which causes a high use of electricity and a lot of heat coming from the household. Law enforcement have ways of locating large operations because of those things. It really doesn’t have much to do with the smell of it, unless the person is smoking weed and a nosy neighbor calls the police which leads to a search of the home.

  6. moonrabbit says:

    Well growing mj requires a considerable amount of light for growth – usually they get caught because of extreme increase of excessive energy consumption in the house. In Los Angeles they used aerial thermal photography. Thermal photography will show areas of homes that are excessively hot glowing red – that indicates lots of lights and usually growing plants.

  7. Resistance says:

    By running their mouths about it.

  8. eat my pudding says:

    They have heat sensors that can see everything in your house all they have to do is point and they can see through the walls brotha.

  9. asp4454 says:

    Even though I don’t grow myself, I know how people get caught because I’ve seen it happen. There’s five main things that make you vulnerable to being caught.


    Keep it shut. If you start bragging about your garden to everybody, you will get busted… it’s inevitable. In fact, to be safe you should NEVER tell anyone that doesn’t need to know!

    2. HEAT

    Every year, the RCMP and the DEA are busting growers across North America because they don’t know how to control their heat. They will fly by helicopter or simply walk by your house with a FLIR device. This special camera takes pictures of heat. If they notice excessive heat in one area they CAN and WILL obtain a search warrant. I’m not a specialist in this area BUT there are ways to reduce your heat, there are new growing lights such as LED’s that generate no heat and use very little power.


    Unusually high electricity bills generate A LOT of suspicion. Try to keep them down. Again, not a specialist in the field but there ARE ways; you’re just going to have to do some research.


    Marijuana plants have a very strong smell and if you don’t use filters, your whole neighborhood will smell like pot. Another way of being sloppy is not properly disposing of evidence (growing equipment etc…). If you’re a complete burnout and you are generally a very sloppy person then growing is NOT for you, it requires much intelligence and you have to put a lot of thought into what you are doing.

    5. Traffic

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t deal out of your grow houses. Your neighborhood is full of people who, for some reason(coughIGNORANCE), think you’re a threat to society. They will not hesitate to tip off the cops if suspicious traffic is coming in and out of your house. Your goal is to look like a normal citizen and to fit in with the crowd. People aren’t retarded… if they see 5-10 people come out of your house everyday they’ll know somethings up.

    For more information on this subject, I HIGHLY recommend Barry Coopers “Never get busted again”. This man used to be a narcotics agent and realized that this war on our people (the war on drugs) is irrational and a complete failure. He put together all of his knowledge as a police office on this one DVD to help you put all the chances on your side. This is an amazing movie and gives great advice on how to be careful when dealing with marijuana. From smokers to dealers to growers.

    There’s a few 3-5 minute videos on youtube of “Never get busted again” if you’d like to take a sneak peek. But it’s nothing like the full movie. So I highly recommend you get it; whether you purchase it or share it through a torrent.

  10. Ray says:

    The answer above is very good. The only thing i have to add is check out and EDUCATE YOURSELF AND BECOME POLITICALLY AWARE!!!

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