Why is medicinal marijuana legal statewise but not federally?

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September 26, 2010
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September 26, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
House C asked:

I know states have their own constitutions and “state laws” butHow can the government allow something like allowing marijuana on a state level, but the feds can bust a clinic, but allow the state to deem it legal at the same time?


  1. Al Bundy says:

    Because the federal government still has the power to and the DEA assumes it is it’s duty to enforce the law when the states won’t. Hopefully a law will be passed on the federal level to stop this controversy. Also, Obama a while back promised to order the DEA to end it’s raids.

  2. Black Sun Aeon says:

    The fed DON”T allow marijuana on the state level. They don’t allow it at all. You, like most people, are confusing two different jurisdictions. The feds have no say over the legislature passed in any given state. Federal law is a separate code (The United States Code) State cops sometime enforce federal law but the feds never enforce state law.

    So, if you get a prescription in California, if you are pulled over by Sheriff or CHP you are ok with documentation. If you are stopped by the Border Patrol, Marshal’s, FBI, etc. you will be cited and/or arrested and charged in federal court.

  3. George says:

    because they don’t respect the rights of the people who voted for marijuana to be legal in their state….

    you don’t hear about the cops busting meth houses and crack houses its always a “grow house” or a “weed place” they bust, its because they are scared if they raid a meth house they will get blown up or shot by crazy meth head…

    they just bust whoever is easiest to bust they think that won’t shoot back at them….

  4. thetruthisoutthere says:

    States have every right to govern themselves, however, the federal government does not have to recognize the states laws as federal law trumps state law.
    Since the federal government doesn’t recognize the states rights in regards to marijuana the government will continue to raid dispensaries and caregivers for medical marijuana patients.