Should I speak with my employer before applying for a medicinal marijuana license?

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September 26, 2010
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September 26, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
Emilee N asked:

I’m worried that they will discriminate against me simply for asking. I know employers have the right to terminate medical marijuana users on the grounds of drug use, so before I even consider that treatment route, I want to clear it through my employer. How would I go about doing this?


  1. Mutt says:

    If you have an HR department, that would be the best place to ask. Just ask what the company policy is on medical marijuana use by it’s employees. You don’t need to go into any further detail than that.

    I’m sure you are not the first person to ask this type of question to their employer.

  2. Popeye420 says:

    It’s your business, therefor I wouldn’t discuss it. Do what every other MMJ user does who works for an employer with drug testing. Google solutions to pass the tests.


    Until the people and politicians wise up this is the way it is. No states protect MMJ users from termination of employers and it would be best to keep your use on the DL simply because it is a shaky issue.

  3. Dzhastin says:

    Definitely talk to HR. Say that you’re not asking for yourself but rather for a coworker who’s too embarrassed to ask. That way they’ll never know it was you.

    If you’re in the military, a cop or work in healthcare you might have a problem. There are some jobs where you can’t be taking any kind of mind-altering substance that could affect your performance.

  4. Yeti says:

    Talk to the HR department. Some employers are going to be more iffy than others, especially if they have ties to emergency services or direct federal accountability for things.

    And before you even ask, I’d ensure you have something most people would recognize as legitimate need. If you come across as one of those looking to get a card for your once monthy sneezing or something, it probably won’t go over too well. They’re more likely to understand legitimate need, or at the very least understand you asking.

  5. TruthB says:

    Oh – MY – NO!!!!! Is your job subject to random testing?
    If no random testing as part of your job you just keep it to yourself!!!!!
    Do NOT go to HR! Employers DO NOT have the right to terminate MMJ patients for drug use. They would have to prove it and have random testing in place. If you are subject to random testing many employers must offer drug counseling as opposed to termination.