What is your point of view on Medicinal Marijuana?

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September 5, 2010
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September 5, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
That Chinaman asked:

Why do people use medicinal marijuana and why should it be legal? What is your view on the subject?


  1. chattanoogas_finest says:


  2. Winsome Wanda says:

    One reason they use it is because it’s a natural form of pain relief.

    It has so many different uses that it should be legalized for more than just medicinal use.

  3. million$? says:

    people use medicinal marijuana for medicinal purposes like gluacoma. personally im all for it, im all for the legalization of just regular marijuana lol.

    it’s much safer than alcohol in my eyes. instead of driving drunk from parties and bars, you sit on the couch with your stoner friends, eat and laugh. then take a nap..in that order.

  4. A. van R says:

    It should be legal, its for medicine purposes. I don’t think marijuana even if it isn’t for medical reasons, should be illegal though. Its just like cigarettes… and if you want to do it, fine. But don’t do it in public because of second hand smoke.

  5. Christina. says:

    Well theres no way you can overdose on it.

    People crash more on alcohol than on that.

    Umm its good. Its amazing.

    Could stop good kids from going down “the block”for they can get it cheaper if you know what i mean.

  6. Pam C says:

    I always hated the idea of medicinal marijuana until my friend was diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor prescribed it for her to ease the pain and she was so much better afterwards.

  7. Bud's Girl says:

    It should be legalized for medicinal purposes, as it helps lessen the effects of certain diseases. Glaucoma, I believe. I don’t really see why it shouldn’t be legalized anyway. Maybe the alchohol industry pays somebody off to keep it illegal.

  8. kelleygaither2000 says:

    a case i heard about said it best. this couple had a 10 yr old daughter who was going through chemo for leukemia. she was rapidly losing weight,and couldn’t eat anything bc it came right back up, in spite of docs best efforts to get rid of her nausea. one of her dad’s friends said “why not try weed? it increases appetite and kills nausea” the dad said he didn’t wanna be a criminal, but he knew if he didn’t try something, his lil girl would die. so he went to a friend of that friend’s and got the weed. the little girl ate it in brownies, got her appetite back,and began to keep food on her tummy.she was able to complete the treatments w/o ne more trouble,and she’s now happy and healthy, completely recovered and cancer free. if that doesn’t point a case for medicinal marijuana, i don’t know what does. idk y they(the PTB) don’t just grow it,roll it up into cigs, sell it and tax it like they do cigs and alcohol. lord knows it’s less dangerous than those two put together,and not addictive, unlike those two.

  9. Captain Shannon says:

    If it’s needed, it’s needed. One hundred years ago, doctors prescribed it . Lots of Civil War veterans smoked it for pain relief. Society did not fall apart. But the idealogues who took over decided it was bad. It’s total BS. I wish the people who want it outlawed could live with the pain I and many others live with. Or better yet, their children.

  10. joker says:

    it has just as much effect as some of the other prescription drugs, and their are a lot more prescription drugs that are more addicting and more harmful to your body then marijuana, so why are we making a big deal of it