How To Grow Medical Marijuana Video

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September 5, 2010
What is your point of view on Medicinal Marijuana?
September 5, 2010
medicinalmarijuanaed asked:

A well produced video on the subject. Medical Marijuana created this “how to” video to walk someone step by step into growing at home like a pro. We talk to experts giving you the inside knowledge and secrets they use. You will see first-hand from professional, experienced growers how to control every aspect of the plant as it flowers. You will experience 3D walk through animations of creating an indoor grow space and see how easy it is to instantly get started growing at home. Medical Marijuana Education’s website has been a resource for the community. They provide a history on the medicinal use, frequently asked questions answered, online videos, and even an “ask an expert” form. An instant access online video stream of the DVDs is now available on the website.


  1. paramorebean says:

    there big buds

  2. froga48 says:

    Yeah the titts are preaty good 😀

  3. RodrigueMoore says:

    Leave her titties alone,,

  4. caidwi211 says:

    Like the video…love the tits!

  5. theendcredits says:

    does the dvd include a big tits money shot?

  6. catfishjohnny10 says:

    no, its a strain called (sweet purple)

  7. Gunz1x says:

    purple haze?

  8. sos60joker says:

    this looks like a good thing

  9. catfishjohnny10 says:

    i have buds that r purple and are constant temp

  10. Goldwing777777 says:

    Hang those big hooters out there baby!