what are the cons of having medicinal marijuana in state of California?

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September 26, 2010
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September 26, 2010
Medicinal Marijuana
agha danny asked:

I was wondering is there any downside to having it legally? Beside not being able to have government jobs. for example the papers you sign, or anything else?
any extra information would be greatly appreciated.
i have seen the power of this card if you are just using it for yourself.
of course if somebody even distributing a small amount will face jail time.

i just want it to keep my self safe.
thanks for everybody opinion.


  1. Lynn Bodoni says:

    It’s against Federal law, for one thing. Just because the state has decriminalized it doesn’t mean that the Feds can’t bust you for it.

  2. Paul Green says:

    Legal marijuana is just as psychologically addictive as illegal marijuana.

  3. Friend of Alice says:

    Medicinal Marijuana brings crime to the state. And I personally disagree with the way in which the argument for medicinal marijuana began with the idea of using public sympathy for the easing of suffering of the terminally ill.

    This was hypocrisy because once the Dr.’s were convinced and the medical board agreed to the practice suddenly it was available to everyone who simply CLAIMED to have a medical condition even though no check-ups or exams were ever performed. We went from allowing people on cemo to have medical marijuana for nausea on a case by case basis to prescribing it for someone with nothing but a mild headache with no medical exam in less than 10 years.

    Is that wrong? Maybe not you tell me. I lived there for 6 years myself and society seemed to get along fine. However I also moved away eventually.

    When I lived there hash bars were common in the dispensaries which are sometimes run by gangs.

    Now keep in mind I’m no prohibitionist, but when you start exploiting the terminally ill to suit your own political agenda, well buddy that’s where I draw the line!

    As far as marijuana actually being legal for everyone? Well I personally wish that I thought enough people were responsible enough to enjoy it. However I also wish we were all law-abiding enough to the point where we longer needed a police force and I wouldn’t have to lock my door at night and feel safe in whatever city I happened to be in at any time in the evening.

    However I live in the real world and that just wouldn’t make sense.

    However it seems that, at least in California the majority might feel differently so if you consider that to be an important determinate of should be legal then I guess my opinion won’t impact your own very much.

    I personally think it would be insane to do that. I also think it would bring lots of illegal immigration and drug cartels to the state what with S.F. being a sanctuary city and AZ finally getting tough.

    Anyway, hope that helps!


  4. Poncheeto says:

    I believe there’s good benefits
    hemp can be used instead of lumber, at least reduce the use it
    it is much quicker to produce instead of trees which take years to grow
    and are also big part of our ecosystem 
    in addition to that, the actual marijuana itself can be used for recreational purposes as well
    take Amsterdam as an example; they don’t have drug problems, reduced crime rates, as well as helping; economicaly
    which could be good for the usa
    helps out in the recession
    some jobs may be lost
    but even more might come
    you gotta risk it to get the biscuit
    There’s also the health issue
    Such as lung cancer and other problems
    There’s vaporizers and many other healthy ways to use it
    Even can be used in food
    I don’t believe there’s many negavtive affects
    There needs to be some real research on that
    Truthful results 
    I’m high
    these were my thoughts

  5. VillaC says:

    There’s no issue with legalizing marijuana some countries like in Europe legalize Marijuana and they seem to be fine. The problem is Americans are not responsible enough for this drug. Look how we all abuse Alcohol, drunk driving, under age drinking, drunken fights, we would do the same to marijuana so no I don’t think it’s a good idea, the drug itself is not very dangerous, but like I said no one here really knows how to “use” it. Keep it illegal. It’s hypocritical to complain about the Mexican Drug violence and then accepting the drug they all fight to sell us.