Quick blunt/snap sesh

Season 2: Day 28 Flower Update
March 25, 2013
The marijuana closet update
March 25, 2013

Quick blunt/snap seshfinishing up a blunt and a couple snaps telling ya guys what happened with the stolen tanks.


  1. ozzieozzie27 says:

    do your eyes get red any more?
    mine only get red when I have been smoking all day.

  2. seahawker241 says:

    Lung killer smoke a j can taste the ud

  3. Ben Dover says:

    man swisher sweet are bomb. tropical or bluebarry. yuup.

  4. Twosevenboy1 says:

    i’ve tried like every blunt there is all blunts taste shitty cause the paper to me i like glass

  5. jsandlin0202 says:

    Don’t forget fuck true TV

  6. MyRandomBoxx says:

    I you’ve got nice buds. Looks Rainbow

  7. Martin Horton says:

    your artistic style is really cool man, just looking at the shit you can do with clay or w/e itll be sick to see what you can do with glass

  8. rothranque says:

    Sick ass nugs! Cheers bro

  9. RaynardTheFoxx says:

    You have some dank my friend I wish I had access to such fine medicine its a Fucking recession out here lmao

  10. erikatvdriver says:

    Would you ever use a Vape for any reason? Or would you stick to glass bowls, pipes, etc.

  11. Transacted says:

    JOSH NORTHROP NIGGAHHHHH cant wait to check that shit out 😉

  12. Don Dabolina says:

    I can’t stand blunts. Keep

  13. tokelife420 says:

    Bam!!! what up two seven boy!

  14. silentLvLlokotex3 says:

    I don’t like blunts no more I stoped I just hated that thick dark paper I love doing bong hit only sometimes joints peace an pot

  15. ej709 says:

    i fukn love swishers, i wish i was 18 and had a whole box of them right now

  16. Matt Stoner says:

    Can you explain how to do the clay thing. That shit looks cool as fuck. Keep blazin’. Fuck tru tv

  17. n3th3rw1ng says:

    That little guys is so cool haha

  18. snapthumbsup says:

    NUG HUG lol

  19. king salami says:

    smoke dat shit!!

  20. DrGorejus says:

    Just To Let You Know, I Love Watching Your Videos While Smoking!!! <3

  21. martin mckinnon says:

    damn im on probation but seeing those nuggets just puts a smile on my face..

  22. Rsour4Life says:

    you are the medical man. maybe ill send you a vid to show off my ROOR bong with diffused downstem

  23. erikatvdriver says:

    I probably missed a video if you even had a vape but just wanted to know.

  24. Birch Treez says:

    Song name?

  25. Twosevenboy1 says:


  26. tokelife420 says:

    that iBurn tee though bro #FuCkinGDope

  27. TeefSweat says:

    I got hyped when you played the Return4eva Theme man

  28. SmokedOutDaily420 says:

    Wasup twoSevenboy! Cheers!!

  29. bones mcfly says:

    yo you should check out my vids

  30. 333RYAN888 says:

    ur buds dank as fuck, is it medicinal?

  31. michael lyon says:

    i agree glass is better but if u do want a blunt and not get that papery taste u should look for natural hemp gum some natural hemp gum tastes the same because it goes through the same process but iv had arabic natural hemp gum and i think jamaican gum taste of literally nothing or fruits 🙂

  32. dooshbag rufkskk says:

    the mini has that J Horror style to it haha, thanks again for showing me him, his work is fucking amazing. Quit smoking blunts though, bongs or joints bro. The blunt paper is so fucking bad for you.

  33. jtisthename says:

    Those nugs look like they belong in a cereal bowl

  34. Mattsangre says:

    Where do you get that kind of clay? What exactly was it called?

  35. Sapixx yt says:


  36. tokebuds4201 says:

    I only fucks with twosevenboy the ccc kinda got too douchie for me.

  37. Alex McNeill says:

    damn nigga, you look hazed as fuck on the thumbnail dog

  38. zack3c says:

    what do you do for work?

  39. John Burckk says:

    Come to my town. I’ll pay your flight. Smoke with me and friends. We love you ;-;

  40. KiddKrydikal says:

    Liked this vid less than 50seconds lmao “eye for an eye”

  41. shawn leblanc says:

    where the fuck do you get all this goooooooood shit! D:

  42. daltonhair11 says:

    the fuck is this age restricted for haha

  43. TwofiddyFourstroke says:

    How do you feel about joints?

  44. flip917 says:

    What part of florida you from?

  45. MrFlamingFl4mer says:

    yo, really been wanting to get into glass blowing, love your idea about the vids, informationals from one stoner to others would definitey be hepful

  46. mandelcorny says:

    ever tried raw paper? you barely even taste them

  47. Merio9691 says:

    is the one on the left some grape ape?? looks tasty!

  48. hahahahahaha11100 says:

    That is a blunts only downfall. Especially with good bud,But they do mess you up if you don’t smoke the a lot.

  49. LIJE503OG says:

    Smoke in my Eyeball !! ..haha Keep up the Vids PIMP..Just took a Fat dab.. Word ta PAUL ..fuck Tru TV .. its ya BOI !! (503DABCITYOG)

  50. Holly Georgia says:

    got so exited when i seen you wer smoking a blunt.. i wen’t and rolled one to smoke with you. cheers!