The marijuana closet update

The Clinic Strain Review: JackFlash
March 25, 2013
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March 25, 2013

The marijuana closet updateDay 29 of flower,and day 48 from rooted clones in VEG,not flower like I said,,,,No sleep many days now… Cheapest T5’s I Have found,4 bulb 4 foot 93.09US/wi…


  1. SeedBankReviews says:

    look at all those happy girls in there wowee great job,
    the aardvark

  2. B A JONES says:

    yo veg room lookn beautiful all green & healthy bloom room lookn good also keep up the good work happy growin

  3. MarijuanaMan MI says:

    Ty Mrs Bad Ass

  4. HOMEGROWNSMOKE2288 says:

    looking great man, nice work PEACE

  5. MarijuanaMan MI says:

    Yep u should just leave it in 24/7

  6. dan420kush says:

    Lookin good . Yea that tga’s lookin good . I bought 1 of those fish air bubblers . Its small blue triangle about a ft long . Ive been droping it in about an hr before watering. Seems to be helping… ty for the tip . Should i leave it in all the time ? Couldnt hurt . Peace….