Season 2: Day 28 Flower Update

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March 25, 2013
Quick blunt/snap sesh
March 25, 2013

Season 2: Day 28 Flower UpdateA quick update on week 4, day 28 flowers they are looking fantastic, 6 weeks till harvest!!!! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips,…


  1. TrailerParkPotDealer says:

    great vid, one question, why are the edges of´╗┐ the leafs curled up like that?

  2. Derp Derpity says:

    Keep up the good work, you help a lot of folks out there. That’s a very noble thing.´╗┐ Peace

  3. Jesse Stelmaszek says:

    I love the channel, I subbed last season but Im actually trying to get a channel of my own started with a friend.´╗┐ We need some Grow420Guidance… Help?

  4. matt021497 says:

    Are you going to make a how to wax making video?´╗┐

  5. DeaconFiirsT says:

    any´╗┐ chance i could buy seeds from you? lmk

  6. jrborgify says:

    love the enthusiasm.´╗┐ Looks awesome

  7. barnyndfriends420fun says:

    Behold the great power of an hps´╗┐ grow light

  8. chibo baker says:

    Nice. Still sounds´╗┐ like a quick strain. Nice work none the less man. Love ur vids

  9. fade war says:

    They a lil’ bit hungry right?
    Greets, nice vid’s bro!
    Hear / see´╗┐ ya soon!

  10. mary jane says:

    looking good man !!

  11. slie9026 says:

    Thanks bro xyea ill make sure they are water Im just worried sometin bad would happen´╗┐ if Im not seein it daily its my baby lol

  12. Bobby Gilmour says:

    likes and love from scottland´╗┐

  13. BandaJesus17 says:

    Keep´╗┐ it up!!

  14. CptHwdy2013 says:

    lookin great man!´╗┐

  15. chuck molt says:

    those flowers are gonna be chunked´╗┐ out by harvest…

  16. Shawn Hurley says:

    Frosty the dank´╗┐ girl !!!

  17. Grow420Guide says:

    duct tape and cross your fingers. If its really really bad and under developed´╗┐ cut the branch and your losses focus the energy on other buds. If its already quite matured you could always harvest that branch early.

  18. GreenHeadKev420 says:

    This guy is a dick.. Nice trees tho´╗┐

  19. Grow420Guide says:

    Lmao to funny´╗┐ guy

  20. waza waz says:

    Stoning my ass off (SMAO) ahahah
    great,great work !!! love it!!!
    just´╗┐ wonder,what wattage are the lights?

  21. Shawn Hurley says:

    Blindguy420@gmail waiting on´╗┐ product!!!

  22. meghan00851 says:

    Damn homie they’re lookn amazingly beautiful. Nice n healthy n luscious. By week 8 or 10 these ladies are gonna b massive. Lovin the vids lovin the enthusiasm and lookn 4ward´╗┐ to the Grow420Guy vid and what all u guys are giving bk to ur followers. I’m feelin the love. Peace Love n Pot!

  23. 10hershel says:

    big deal,´╗┐ try growing outdoors and see the size of the buds at 28 days.

  24. youngNboldd says:

    is this mclovin haha´╗┐

  25. tonymengela says:

    I had a similar thing happen, use a little rooting paste, and slightly coat the inside of break, use a cloth wrap and tie it in places just enough for it to support weight, if it´╗┐ is just the top root it in a different pot to clone it, the bottom repair as I described and you will probably get three or four good branches!

  26. FlashesHD says:

    Is there´╗┐ 28 days from the start of 12/12 or from the beginning of flowers showing?

  27. tonyap420 says:

    Shout out to grow420guy an u bro great montage vid an beautiful harvest yall´╗┐ hope it medicated u greatly peace an pot!!!

  28. Jamesandkate25 says:

    don’t know why it´╗┐ replied to your comment it was spose to be replying to 420guide

  29. GrimMagelol says:

    ­čśÇ I love how your plants bud so well or at least they´╗┐ look bigger on camera ­čśÇ Looking awesome for day 28 man ­čśÇ Can’t wait to see the monster nugs.

  30. DJKEV32 says:

    how´╗┐ much did u harvest from those 7 plants

  31. Lunch Box says:

    Looking Fucking Nice Bro !! Keep Up The Good Work !!´╗┐

  32. Grow420Guide says:

    Much agreed tonymengela, very few of the trollz haters whatever you wanna call them can’t explain because I don’t think they can comprehend that there is no 1 way of growing or, what they believe is the best or correct´╗┐ way. There are so many natural and un-natural products on the market so many techniques so many variables that make each farm and farmer different.

  33. Grower420man says:

    do you know when can i start putting my´╗┐ plant outdoors and does anyone know?

  34. Grow420Guide says:

    ­čśÇ Thanks I love´╗┐ the support!! <3

  35. kapec21 says:

    I just got spider´╗┐ mites any help?

  36. John Smith says:

    great lookin- day 16 tomm of´╗┐ veg ­čÖé

  37. jacob9818 says:

    yo you´╗┐ should check out my channel it’s my first time growing from seed advice is needed. it would be appreciated

  38. ReeferRevolution says:

    lookin´╗┐ dank

  39. Shawn Hurley says:

    Awesome grow!!!´╗┐ Nice flowers!!!

  40. grow420guy says:

    damnit hahaha´╗┐ yeah i meant 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 7 feet tall…wake and bake got to me this morning ­čÖé

  41. Jamesandkate25 says:

    My girlfriend just broke a top branch on a plant and it tore down the main stem pretty bad. Any advice? Kinda freaked out. Rookie grower so any help´╗┐ would b awesome.

  42. Jamesandkate25 says:

    should I cover the hole where the´╗┐ branch broke or leave it open to breathe?

  43. ewqweqwqest says:

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  44. Mad Hatter says:

    Hey man I would really like to hook you up with some our products before they hit the market. Contact me´╗┐ at for more information bro, thank you
    And your girls look phenomenal !

    Heights bro

  45. Arnold Greginson says:

    how do u afford´╗┐ electricity o.O

  46. tonymengela says:

    Please tell us then what is better and why it is better scientifically please. Different farmers use different nutrients based on their farming methods and ways of thinking. Whatever I use to grow any´╗┐ kind of plants or vegetables I look for is the most natural and proper balanced for highest of quality for particular crop. A lot of people like to just get it grown and cropped fast, but not as quality, (just enough). I see a lot of opinions and haters, few ever intelligently explain their opinion

  47. Nick Moncivais says:

    what do I´╗┐ need to grow fast?

  48. Grow420Guide says:

    yes with this harvest I didnt have time last´╗┐ go around.

  49. Mike Hawk says:

    Good job man´╗┐

  50. santos46385 says:

    I have an´╗┐ idea do a video on making a mother plant and seee harvesting