why is my marijuana plants growing so slow?

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September 25, 2010
Marijuana Growing
chedder bob asked:

I have 2 plants of the popcorn variety that look nothing alike but they came from the same plant can somebody help me? I have one 1 foot fluorescent bulb about 6 inches away from them… there 1 month old but only about 4-5 inches tall and just got my first fourth leaf…and also should i top it is that a good idea?
it’s getting 24/7 hours of light is that good…


  1. telwidit says:

    Call the Sheriff’s office they may have some ideas!

  2. FART FACE says:

    give it time.. just make sure you spray them before you put them to bed. one is probably male n the other female thats why they wouldnt look the same.

  3. Fire_starter says:

    The trick is to taste the leaves, i.e. chew and swallow. Rinse and repeat until you no longer care about your plants or how large they are.

  4. michelle b says:

    they need chemicals…a good burst of carbon dioxide will help them out…they will have growth spurts….I like those lil green sticks used for reg. plants keeps em straight and growing regularly….make sure there getting there eight hours….and I am a believer to treat em good lil convo never hurt the green….

  5. Tea says:

    You might need more light they love the light

  6. Awesome Nana says:

    Indoor growing is best for quality marijuana but only in quantities large enough to supply your personal needs.

    A 400 watt high pressure sodium or metal halide grow light should be used for up to 10 plants. You will only get 1/2 to 1 ounce of marijuana vs. a single plant grown outdoors will yield about a pound (16 ounces) of marijuana, or more.

    The best marijuana seeds for the novice indoor grower (either with soil or hydroponics) are mainly indica strains. As you gain experience, you could move up to an indica/sativa mix. When you are confident in your growing ability, you may wish to experiment with growing a mainly sativa strain.

    Miracle grow “plant food” (not bloom booster). Pinch off new grow that appears in between the plant stock and a healthy stem until it gets as tall as you want it and then start pinching off the top. This will force it to grow outward.

    Now, I have never grown a marijuana plant, however I do know someone who does and when I am outside tending to my tomato’s plants he told me that the marijuana plant has a similar growth pattern to a tomato plant and they use miracle grow soil and plant food. He is always proud to share his growing technigues because he is a proud gardener and I guess he feels since I am an avid “veggie” gardener, I would appreciate his green thumb. I also thinks he wants me to share some garden space! But, I wouldn’t have that stinky stuff in my garden. I hate the way those plants smell.

    He has a medical marijuana card. Happy growing!