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September 25, 2010
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September 25, 2010
saycoin72 asked:

Posting this Part III video on the one week anniversary of the Marijuana Plant Bust on the Lone Bear’s Original Allotment. which took place on Wednesday, August 11, 2010. Both the non-native farmer who leases the property and the property owners have been taking safe-guard measures to inform people that the property is private and must not be trespassed upon. Unfortunately, when the illegal alien debate arose in the State of Arizona I had somewhat of a “ive and let live” philosophy. However, because of the damage and desecration that was done to a family property my political views have now become polarized. I guess there are many of us who are going to have to learn the hard way. I feel glad that the troops are being returned home on this day Wednesday, August 18, 2010. Ah-ho Daw-Khee. Ah-ho Daw-Kyah-E. But maybe the troops should now be deployed along the US-Mexico border because it seems to be a situation that has gotten competely out of hand. PROLOGUE: “But when there is the sacred there is sacrilege, the theft of the sacred. To steal the sacred is to rob us of our very selves, our reason for being, our being. And sacrilege is a sin of which we are capable….”–N. Scott Momaday If viewers haven’t gotten the point of why these videos have been posted then listen up: Desecration doesn’t happen to just the land, nature, or what God has created. It occurs in our hearts and minds and manifest prior to the act of destruction itself. It has manifested in the relationships


  1. saycoin72 says:


    Haw, Aim-tape Bah-tah-goo.

    Read it for yourself.

    CARNEGIE, Okla. — Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said they’ve arrested a >Mexican national< and are seeking another after busting a marijuana operation worth an estimated $1 million. POSTED: 6:15 pm CDT August 11, 2010 UPDATED: 11:14 pm CDT August 11, 2010 KOCO News, OKC Haw, that's what this Kiowa man says. I said that. Me. And thanks for viewing my video.

  2. oreoandhope says:

    @saycoin72 IF YOU SAY SO MAN WINK WINK !!!

  3. saycoin72 says:

    Ah-ho very much and I mean that.

    Once made a comment on my Care2 page stating that, “all I want is to just take care of my own little acre of the world”….Well, my own little acre of the world has just been violated.

    You might also want to put “Indian Givers” by Jack Weatherford; “Lincoln and the Indians” by David Nichols; “The Vanishing Whiteman” by Stan Steiner; “Nobody Loves a Drunken Indian” by Clair Huffaker; and “When The Legends Die” by Hal Borland on your shelf.

  4. dullsvillain says:

    OK , I want you to know “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee ” is on my shelf.
    I think your culture is beautiful.
    Google ” drug cartel marijuana crops in national forests ” and you and your neighbors BE CAREFUL!
    take care

  5. saycoin72 says:

    Okay. So, you don’t think it wasn’t criminal what the US Army did to the people at Wounded Knee? Time may heal wounds for non-natives but all we have are scabs waiting to be rip off again.

    Hey, the point of these videos is to try and educated people–to get them to respect sacred sites of Native American origins. The most righteous and moralistic people that I have known were my elders. White-America doesn’t have a monopoly on these attributes…..My elders would not approve.

  6. dullsvillain says:

    I know about Wounded Knee but that has nothing to do with criminals ( nothing new age about them !) making millions on drug laws that are useless .

  7. saycoin72 says:

    Yeah, and you know the old saying don’t you, “that TIME makes the heart grow ignorant”…..Just because there hasn’t been a “Wounded Knee” incident since 1890 that does not detract from the historical fact that the native population in the Americas went from 300,000,000 in 1492 to 2,000,000 in 2010…..Message me whenever Mexico loses 298,000,000. Newagers depend on people not knowing their history…..Still don’t want them growing their crap in my backyard either.

  8. dullsvillain says:

    28,000 dead in Mexico from drug money greed,.and you better believe those crops are owned by armed men……just more claptrap?

  9. saycoin72 says:

    Congressmen don’t champion causes of minorities in America and certainly not for us first Americans. They may do it to be re-elected or for photo-ops…..AND, I recognized “newager” claptrap when I see it.

  10. saycoin72 says:

    Since the site is on family property I take periodic hikes into the creek to try and keep in shape. On Feb. 15, 2010 I hked into the creek and took the shots that I posted for the “Before” shots which I posted on YouTube. I could post all the other shots also but people would be bored.

    A couple of the “After” shots were extracted from the videos I took on Aug. 18, 2010.using the “snapshot” function option provided on the VLC Media Player. Anymore ?s.

  11. oreoandhope says:

    how u got thos before and after pics neds investegated hahaha

  12. dullsvillain says:

    Better to write your congressmen about legalizing . There will always be someone scheming on black market riches.Native Americans should definitely be for natural herbal medicine and against laws that are often used to abuse minorities.

  13. touchnova says:

    Thanks for continuing this story m’friend, may the land heal and the Spirit remain.