Kiowa Tribal Land, Marijuana Bust–August 11, 2010–Part I.wmv

$340M Marijuana Drug Bust in Mexico
September 25, 2010
why is my marijuana plants growing so slow?
September 25, 2010
saycoin72 asked:

Part I: On the morning of Wednesday, August 11, 2010 BIA officers, state officers, and Caddo County officers conducted a “marijuana raid” on the Lone Bear original allotment near Carnegie, OK. It was a covert operation since the land owners nor any of the Lone Bear descendants were notified of the pending action. The action began at 5:30am and one suspect of Mexican descent was arrested while another was said to have escaped?! When I saw the helicopter on the morning of August 11 and was told that a local news van passed by the house I decided to investigate the situation. The Lone Bear allotment is a Kiowa tribal allotment belonging to the Kiowa Lone Bear who received the 160 acre plot in 1901 as did each member of the Kiowa, Comanche, and Kiowa-Apache tribes. However, the Lone Bear property held signicance in the history of the Kiowa people because it was the gathering site for the Kiowa Tai-Piah Gaw, a Kiowa Warrior’s Society. The Kiowa Tai-Piah Gaw continued to meet annually on this ground up until 1927. This is the cultural and historic significance that the Lone Bear’s Old Dance Ground once had to the Kiowa community. Eventually, I made my way to the west perimeter of the allotment where I saw smoke rising up from the creek–which we call “Cedar Creek”. When I climbed down into the familar creek botttom I saw approximately 20 men dressed in SWAT camos, boots, and armed to the teeth with AR-15s, Glocks, and even grenades. One officer saw me taking videos and


  1. mahtame says:

    Scary to have them practically in your backyard! It’s one thing to have illegals living near you, it’s even more scary when they are part of a gang or cartel, such as the mexican cartel!!! Be careful P’ah-be!

  2. touchnova says:

    @a4nak8r I would typically agree with you on the premise of basic freedom, but the growers are coming in from Mexico and setting up on Native lands…they are NOT locals. That fact, to me, is the crux of this story….you should read the last paragraph of saycoin72’s description, or listen to what he says from 6:22 to the end.

  3. a4nak8r says:

    As if the government and pigs dont have anything better to do than harass peaceful people. These types of people are really sick!