What elements in the ground can transfer into a growing marijuana plant that can make someone extremely sick?

growing marijuana?
September 21, 2010
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September 21, 2010
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a nono mous asked:

because my girlfriend, against my wishes, smoked some, and shes been sick for a week?


  1. best s says:

    nothing from the ground, plants have natural filters, perhaps its sprayed with paraquat

  2. Ruben A says:

    It probably has nothing to do with the marijuana at all. It’s possible that it could have been laced with something else, but it’s extremely unlikely that the marijuana has made her sick for a week.

    She could also just be sick.

  3. odacrem69 says:

    Plants dont take what they dont need from the ground? Have you ever seen a tree that produce posinous apples? The problem with marijuana is that after you smoke the first joint you dont care and smoke any other plant on your yard… and that is dangerous!!!

  4. MissWong says:

    Plants can get water that’s contaminated but it’s more likely a coincidence. She was probably coming down with something already. You’d have to eat the stuff to be sick for any length of time and a week is too long for one thing to have caused it.